SwampMan Update

SwampMan is doing much better today. He’s down to one pain pill every 4 hours and tomorrow, he’s going to try to go without. We’ll see. If I don’t remember to put out more medicine from the childproof bottle before I leave in the morning, he’s going to go without for sure! His fingers, swollen to the size of bananas yesterday, are SwampMan’s normal-sized extra large fingers today. He can actually wiggle them vigorously. He was supposed to be moving them 20 times an hour to make sure his circulation was okay but, with the swelling, the best he could do was sort of an animated twitch. He can walk around much better, change his clothes all by himself with his left hand, and is steady on his feet.

He said that he wants to take me out for dinner tomorrow, but I’m not sure where! He’s not actually what I would call adept at eating with his left hand yet, (right handed) and his food has a tendency to wind up in his lap or on his shirt. I urged him to practice left-handed eating, writing, etc. beforehand but nooooooo. Heh. Well, when I had the problem with my right shoulder, I didn’t do nothin’ with my right hand for months. It is amazing how well that left hand can work when it has to. No doubt he’ll have the same experience.


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    kcduffy said,

    Pizza? Sushi? No, not SwampMan…hot dogs? When my hand was in a cast, we were too poor to eat out – and it was 11 miles over 2 lane blacktop from our island in Maine – evidently cooking was easier than eating…

    I did get my first (very used) washer and dryer out of it, though, and switched to disposables cuz I couldn’t work the pins on Lovely Daughter’s cloth diapers…

  2. 2

    swampie said,

    Well, it was hamburgers cooked here. He didn’t really feel like eating out, but then he’d DCd the pain pills. He really needed a junkfood fix, though, and went to McDonalds while I was at work today.

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