So, How’s That Dialogue With Terrorists Thing Going Again?

Terrorists certainly seem to be happy about Obama being President; so happy, in fact, that record numbers of attacks against the U.S. have been attempted in the past year. Imagine that! All that dialogue with terrorists isn’t going to change them into peaceful unicorn ranchers; instead, it just makes them want to kill us even more. What’s the down side? Obama has such restrictive rules of engagement that soon any military retaliation will be limited to a dance off against the enemy. I can’t say I blame them for being annoyed….Obama’s constant whining and refusing to take any responsibility for anything is enough to piss off anybody that hears him.

Oh, and the problems are just horrible for the people that are tracking terrorists:

The intelligence document also says terror groups increasingly are using westerners as operatives or in leadership positions in which they make public statements calling for Muslims to strike the United States. The document cites as examples Yemeni-American cleric Anwar al-Alawki and al Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn.

The report also mentions Omar Hammami, who grew up in Alabama and is now believed to be an operative with al-Shabaab in Somalia. Although al-Shabaab has not executed attacks in the United States, law enforcement officials have expressed concern that Somali-Americans who have gone to Somalia to train and fight could return to the United States and commit acts of terrorism.

Well, here’s a thought, Sparky! How about not letting people back into the country that leave voluntarily in order to learn how to commit jihad in third world shitholes? How about protecting our borders?

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