People Trying to Go to Jacksonville Beach Face Huge Financial Penalties

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. — About 90 cars were towed in the past three weekends at the Wachovia parking lot at the beach.

The unpopular new $5 parking fee at Jacksonville Beach is looking more appealing after people found out the hard way you can’t park in the Wachovia parking lot at the beach.

One man who got towed had to pay $169 because he was parked in the Wachovia parking lot on Third Street, even though the business was closed.

A+ Safe & Fast Towing Company has a contract with businesses in the beach area to tow in the towing zones, whether the company parking lot is open or not.

The towing company has made about $15,000 in six nights after towing so many cars from this parking lot.

Bottom line: city officials urge beachgoers not to park at the Wachovia Bank parking lot, even after hours. Financially, it’s a better deal to pay the $5 parking fee in the designated area.

Or, even better, screw Jacksonville Beach! Come to Nassau county and spend your money. The restaurants and businesses will be tickled pink to have you here. And, uh, screw Wachovia Bank, too. They’ve always been a giant pain in the ass.

My grandkids live out near the intracoastal waterway. They’ll be coming to Nassau County beaches with me this summer.


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    RL said,

    I was towed from this lot. Didn’t see any signs. In fact I am a customer of Wachovia. Pulling all of my accounts tomorrow. Won’t be spending any more money at in Jacksonville Beach either. It is rare my wife and I can find a sitter go out and have dinner. Unfortunately it cost triple what it should have. Honestly didn’t see a sign. I have also been informed that the owner of A+ towing company and a manager at the Wachovia location are related. I was told they were brothers. I am looking in to it and will confirm or deny shortly. Come to find out the towing company made $15,000 in 6 days.
    Something is smelling fishy in Jax Beach.

  2. 2

    kcduffy said,

    My friends who go to the beach go to Little Talbot and avoid the messes and hassles of Jax Beach altogether. Sounds like a good alternative to me. Another friend goes to Anastasia, but that’s a better way for people on this side of town, I suppose? Don’t know, haven’t been to the beach in nearly 20 years, except for one quick trip to St. Augustine in the summer of 2003.

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