Alternative Energy, Like the Obama Administration, Doesn’t Work

Even non-engineer types like myself know that replacing oil with wind power or solar power is like replacing planes with flying unicorns. There ain’t no such animal. It. Doesn’t. Work.

Obama should know this. After all, he knows that it gets dark at night. He knows that the wind doesn’t blow 24/7. He knows that everywhere these programs have been implemented, they’ve been a tremendous and costly failure. He knows that these programs are far more costly than the oil/coal/gas they would be replacing. He knows that remaining manufacturing jobs would be forced to move overseas for cheaper energy prices as well as cheaper labor. He knows that he has killed the gulf coast economies of several states by putting a “temporary” 6-month ban on drilling. Riiiiight. Temporary.

I am beyond pissed off that this dipshit decided to push cap and trade in his speech last night, which would make it more expensive to turn on the lights, run the air conditioning, go to work, buy anything that has to be moved by truck, radically increase the price of food and probably put a lot of farms out of business and hike unemployment to stratospheric levels even beyond the damage that he has already done in the gulf. As for anything substantive and quantifiable, forget it. Oh, he’s going to require a foreign company to give him all their cash. Snort. It’s going to be given to the people. Unh huh. Like the “jobs” funding, this money is going to disappear into Democratic party coffers.

Either this man is the most incompetent person to EVER hold the office of the President, or this is the most anti-American sonofabitch that has ever been elected. Take your pick. I think he’s both.


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