Ooooooh! Obama’s Long Meeting With BP Execs Will Last 15 Minutes

He must have much more pressing things to attend to. Golf, probably.

Oh, how wrong I was! Here’s the more important engagement:


Oh, well, I’m glad the Drudge Report was able to clear that up for us! Perhaps they are cooking weinies on a stick over a campfire since they’re so enthusiastic about “green” energy and not doing anything about an actual crisis. Better shut off that gawdamned air conditioner in the White House, too, to show us how enthusiastic he is about lowering that dependence on oil. And maybe he can get his ass out into the White House Veggie Garden and do a little actual work, since he can’t do the job he was elected for, which is to “lead”. Since actual Americans wouldn’t be able to afford food under his proposed Cap and Trade Bill, maybe he better lead the way by only eating food produced on the White House lawn.

I hope they have lots of fireplaces and plenty of trees. I understand it’s gonna be really cold this winter.

Maybe Michelle can plant some cotton and herd some sheep to make cloth for homespun/woven “green” ugly clothes instead of those really energy inefficient ugly designer duds she wears.

I cannot possibly explain how disgusted I am by Obama’s insulting my intelligence by pushing a Cap and Trade agenda (translation: HUGE tax increase) to stop “global warming” which itself has been revealed to be a huge fraud instead of actually offering any concrete suggestions as to HOW he’s planning on handling the oil spill. Oh, right. I forgot about the commission. Cap and Trade was NEVER about energy independence. If it were about energy independence, they would be pursuing using our domestic oil/gas/coal instead of forcing us to use oil/gas/coal produced elsewhere and taxing the hell out of it and everybody that has to use it, like electrical generating stations, manufacturers, farmers, food stores, people that turn on the light switch, etc.

The Federal government is a big, expensive fraud that needs to be ruthlessly pruned.

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