Don’t Complain If You Get the Wrong Calzone at a Place Called Goomba’s

From the Bizarre Florida section of Tampa Bay Online:

It wasn’t that big a deal when an ex-hit man was found guilty of being a felon in possession of a firearm. But the story in gives us a chance to recap the most recent downfall of Joseph Milano/Joey Calco.

He’s the Palm Coast pizzeria owner who was in the federal witness protection program until some really dumb acts revealed his mobster past.

We’ll skip over his bragging about his past to impress/intimidate his employees (after all, who would expect them to get in touch with New Jersey mobsters who still held a grudge against Milano/Calco?). Or even the name of his pizzeria (Goomba’s).

Nope, it was his pistol-whipping a complaining customer who had received the wrong calzone in a takeout order. Normally, that would just get him in trouble with the local authorities. But the beating was captured on a surveillance camera, and became a viral hit in cyberspace. That caught the attention of his old buddies in New Jersey, the feds and amused/appalled people all over the country.

Now, he could have 15 years in prison to ponder whether he made the best use of his second chance.

If you’re going to complain about service at a restaurant in Florida, remember to be polite!


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