Grandsons are Here

The area in front of the television looks like a bomb exploded in the room. Toys, blankets, pillows, cereal…..CEREAL? HEY, FOOD BELONGS IN THE KITCHEN! The youngest just ran through the kitchen and collided with the trash can which went flying spewing trash everywhere. Looks like a trash volcano erupted. Then he came to find me to tell me about it (chocolate milk in hand) and now there’s chocolate milk spilled all in the carpet. What was I THINKING doing laundry? I’m surveying the ruins of the house and wondering whether I should attempt to clean or just sprinkle everything down with kerosene and light a match. Fire sanitizes, right?

My new flashlight is in pieces. Youngest dismantled it to see how it works (while I was cooking and distracted from watching with eagle eyes) and then announced proudly that he “fixed” it for me. Yes, it works, if you stick your finger inside to keep the battery firmly in place because there is a part missing somewhere. (Note to self: Do not let him near vehicle with screwdriver.) His brother, at the same age, took apart the vacuum cleaner which never worked afterward. Heh. The mark of an inquisitive mind and an independent nature. I may grumble because I think that flashlight is gonna have to be replaced, but it IS less expensive than the vacuum cleaner, the dishwasher, and the DVD player which, if I recall correctly, were all victims of his older brother’s curiosity. I will be glad when Swampman is finished with summer school so that he can take the boys out into the shop and let them dismantle old transmissions and engines!

The oldest grandson, fearing an outburst of MeeMaw wrath, quickly and quietly did some straightening up while former daughter-in-law was on the phone inviting us all over to swim in their pool (but my vehicle is still nonfunctional due to a short in the electrical system that we haven’t had time to track down). Actually, they’re both being really quiet right now. Uh oh.

Am I going to get this mess cleaned up in time to cook lunch?

Youngest grandson just ran up, grabbed me in a big ol’ hug, and yelled MEEMAW! as though I had been missing for months and feared dead. Who cares about trash or ruined carpet!


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  1. 1

    kcduffy said,

    Uh huh. Wouldn’t trade it for nuthin, we wouldn’t.

  2. 2

    swampie said,

    Nope! The little energizer bunnies are still going strong at 11 p.m. I’m about to turn on the news and bore them to sleep.

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