The Sounds of Silence

The boys went home with daddy today after a half week at MeeMaw and Papa’s house. We planned on painting birdhouses Monday, but the boys said it was too hot in the morning and it rained all afternoon. Okay. We were going to paint them Tuesday but after breakfast and feeding was done, it was too hot again. We went inside until later in the afternoon when hopefully it would cool off, but it rained again. New plan: We were going to paint the birdhouses right after breakfast and before feeding while it was still sort of cool still bearable outside for active little boys.

“Ooooooh, MeeeeeeeeMaw”, said Jacob, in his best “I’m tellin'” voice while I was fixing another bowl of cereal for the youngest, Dylan. “Iiiiit’s raining!”

“Ha ha, very funny, we’re going outside as soon as your brother finishes. Pick up your toys!”

“But MeeMaw, look out the window! It really is raining!”

Oh, SNAP. It was pouring down rain. Those poor little boys had spent Monday, Tuesday, AND now Wednesday inside. How unfair! And the birdhouses remain unpainted. I had a station set up for them on a covered patio (no WAY are they painting birdhouses inside the house) but MeeMaw, being a worrywart and all, wouldn’t let the boys outside to paint while lightning was striking all around and thunder was booming.

After the boys left, I really, REALLY needed to mop the kitchen floor, vacuum and shampoo the carpet, and scrub down the kitchen, but I ended up outside doing the morning feeding during a non-raining interval. SwampMan then came home from work and fell asleep in his La-Z-Boy. Well, that was a good enough reason for me to sit around and be silent which meant (grin) no housework! Woohooo!

SwampMan woke up while I was quietly reading.

“Are you planning on cooking, or do you want to go get something?”

“I really don’t feel like going anywhere; I’ll cook.”

“Are you SURE? You look like we should go out.”

“Uh, why? Do I look exhausted?”

“YES! You look really bad.”

Hunh. Maybe sitting up watching cartoons with two little boys then waking up at every noise worried that it may be them needing something in the night, then getting up at the crack of dawn might be showing!

Unfortunately, my former daughter in law had called today and asked me “Are you okay? You sound sick!”

So, now I’m wandering around periodically feeling my forehead and muttering “But I feel okay! Really!” and periodically peering into the mirror and recoiling. Dang. I look like I missed several years’ worth of beauty sleep. Unfortunately, I’m too tired to sleep!

Every time daughter has gone through a pregnancy, I’ve had sympathetic symptoms of some type. I’ve gained weight with her (but I didn’t lose it when the baby was born). She’s going through the extreme fatigue and nausea part now. Oh, dear.


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