I Tried to Listen to the Obama Immigration Speech, But Then He Started Eulogizing Teddy

Apparently Obama thinks that the rest of the country holds Teddy in some esteem. He would be wrong. Very, VERY wrong. We look on Teddy as a murderer who escaped justice because of family influence.

Oh, shit, he said we’re accelerating the transition to a “green energy” economy. Translation: “The economy is driving toward a cliff, and I’ve got my foot firmly on the accelerator!”

Oh, my goodness. He’s comparing a bunch of drug runners illegally entering the country with Albert Einstein, a *legal* immigrant. What an idiot. Sorry, but I can’t watch any more. My bullshit tolerance has been reached.

Update: I’ve heard from people that actually watched the bullshit. As expected, his speech was full of whining about why his administration couldn’t do their job, and lots of out right lies and half truths.

Yo, Barry, if the job of President and securing our borders is too hard (sniffle) for you and your peeps, I suggest you get the hell out of office so that those positions can be held by people that can do instead of whine about why they can’t do. How long is the Great Wall of China again? When was it built? Don’t give me any shit about how it can’t be done. Round up illegals and put them to work on it.

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