Obama’s Remarks on Employment

“It reflected the planned phaseout of 225,000 temporary census jobs, but it also showed the 6th straight month of job growth……Make no mistake, we are headed in the right direction.” But not quickly enough. (What, the accelerator toward socialism isn’t pressed down firmly enough? He hasn’t destroyed enough private sector jobs and has to go faster?)

Bwahahahahahaha. No, seriously?

Oh, boy, government is bringing us new infrastructure investment! The Departments of Commerce and Agriculture will be bringing you….broadband! About 5,000 construction and related jobs across the country. Broadband access will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, help education, prepare America for clean energy….WTF? He carefully didn’t indicate how many taxpayer dollars (millions?) will be spent on each “job”.

I have broadband access. No hundreds of thousands of jobs HERE.

Oh, he also said our DNA has competitive genes. He didn’t say what his DNA has. Bullshit genes, no doubt.

As usual, go to Whitehouse.gov to get it straight from the horse’s ass mouth.

To put an apple in the pig’s mouth, Christina Romer is on television telling how much Obama looooooves business. She just forgot to add that he loves to shake it down, and he loves to shut it down.

Bottom line: One hundred fifty thousand new jobs need to be created monthly to just keep up with population growth. Less than that, and we are losing jobs. The government claimed 83,000 new jobs created, and we’re heading in the right direction. Still losing jobs. Over 100,000 jobs lost last month. Still losing jobs.

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