“Coyotes” Abandon 9 Illegals in Sonoran Desert

From the Pinal County Sheriff’s website:

On Saturday July 3, 2010 at 12:58 a.m. the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from an individual reporting that he and eight other individuals were left in the desert. The caller reported that there were 2 adult males, 5 adult females and 2 children (age 6 and 11). The individuals reported that they were extremely dehydrated and unable to move. They were not able to give an exact location so Pinal County Sheriff’s Office – Communications Division was able to establish their approximate location (8 miles south of I-8 and mile post 156) from the signal of their 911 call.

Pinal County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue, Arizona Department of Public Safety Ranger Helicopter and the United States Border Patrol responded to assist. After a short search, crews were able to locate the individuals.

Search and Rescue provided them immediate first aid to stabilize the individuals. All of the individuals were transported to Casa Grande Regional Hospital for extreme dehydration and exposure. Two of the individuals were transported by DPS Ranger and the rest by ground transportation.

The individuals reported that their “Coyotes” had abandoned them two days prior in the desert. The group was out of water and was forced to drink their own urine to survive until they placed the 911 call for help.

Sheriff Babeu stated, “This rescue mission is one of many that our Search and Rescue Team does on a weekly basis. I am very proud of the humanitarian side of law enforcement as our brave men and women rescue individuals no matter what the circumstances.”

After the individuals are treated at Casa Grande Regional Hospital they will be turned over to the United States Border Patrol for deportation.

Is that news when it happens all the time? Not really. The news is that one of them had a cell phone and was able to contact the Pinal County Sheriff’s office and request rescue. If the Federal government actually enforced immigration rules, we wouldn’t have this happening.

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