Heroine Kitty

As the kids finished washing up after painting a couple of birdhouses bright canary yellow (which meant more bright yellow ended up on them than on the birdhouses), I finally had the opportunity to start feeding the livestock. I was tossing corn at the poultry when a lovely rat snake slithered by. She had apparently decided that I was not even worthy of approaching cautiously. I called oldest grandson out to admire her. He enquired as to the lumps in her tummy, and I told him that they used to be little animals. “COOL!”

While we were admiring her (well, she looked like a girl to us!) Momma Kitty, Her Imperial Highness, sauntered by and immediately fluffed herself up to twice her size. She did NOT like that snake being near us. She immediately put herself between us and the snake. I had stroked the snake earlier with nary a reaction. Kitty reached out and batted the snake, who immediately assumed a defense position. Kitty attacked again; snake struck at HIH who jumped and somersaulted backwards out of the danger zone. Snake then retreated while Kitty stayed between us until snake went under some roots.

In the meantime, I had to grab old blind Odie who caught the scent of the snake and also tried to intercept snake, getting between us and snake. I grabbed him and pulled him out of the danger zone several times. In the old days when he had his sight and hearing, he might have had a better chance at winning at snake versus dog, but not now.

Our poor old critters are so faithful at trying to keep us out of danger.


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