Smallest Grandson Is Feeling Better–Ooops!

After lying about quietly in front of the television yesterday, smallest grandson is feeling better. MUCH better. How much better didn’t dawn on me until I walked around into the dining room and saw multicolored crayon pictures on all of my white cabinet doors. Silly Meemaw for washing dishes and not paying very, very, VERY close attention while youngest grandson was coloring!

Youngest grandson (3) is now crying that he wants to take a nap and/or watch cartoons and his tummy hurts while he’s scrubbing Meemaw’s cabinet doors with a scrub brush and rags and a pail of water fortified with detergent. Nope, that stuff is going to take a lot of muscle and time to clean. Hours. Heh. Cartoons are turned OFF for the day. His mommy did the same thing to the entire outside of the house, and it took her a LONG time to scrub the house down, too. That darn stucco is so scrub resistant! Mommy sometimes wonders what is WRONG with that boy. Nothing. He’s exactly like his mommy. He’s buckled down now that he knows Meemaw ain’t budgin’ and working away.

Well, at least I’ll be able to get the dishes washed in (relative) safety while he’s occupied. After he’s finished, I might have him clean the cabinets in the kitchen, too.

*sigh* I just checked, and he’s only got one more cabinet to go. Better run and get the rest of those dishes washed quickly! Dang! Too late! He’s got the last one scrubbed down, too! Pray for me. Or better yet, pray for Dylan!


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  1. 1

    kcduffy said,

    I found that Simple Green does a bang-up job of removing crayon. As does the cheepo lemon-scent Pine-Sol wanna be we bought a gallon of. The Pixie doesn’t do it OFTEN, but she does do it, too. Her mama likewise, but up the stairs to her loft bedroom on ice blue paint with a black sharpie. It was close to moving time, so I just forfeited the deposit & let landlord worry about it. Pixie took a red sharpie to my beat up hardwood floors one day – pumice sponge and coat of quik shine did for that bit of artistic flair.

    Such is life.

  2. 2

    swampie said,

    Yep, I added a squirt of cheapo Pine-Sol wannabe from Dollar General to the detergent on afterthought. It worked great!

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