Quiet Again

The little ones are home with Mommy and Daddy again. They miss Mommy and Daddy so very, very much when they are here! Mommy does get to come home to some badly needed rest, though, a few days per week.

It is so quiet here with no little voices saying “Meemaw, I have to go pee!” “Meemaw, I want juice!” and then, when juice is poured, “No, I mean I want chocolate milk!” “Meemaw, I’m hungry!” Of course, worst of all is hearing a little voice saying “It’s okay, I fix it for you”! The interjections and interventions are about 2 minutes apart, of course, all day long for 16 hours or so per day, so I suppose I need the rest! And resting is exactly what I have been doing after Daddy picked them up to take them back home. I hope Daddy didn’t get the feeling that we were rushing him off, but Swampman had to be at a doctor’s appointment shortly and wanted me along to hear any instructions, so I suppose we actually WERE rushing them off.

There are fireworks guts all over the driveway that I need to clean up but dang, it was HOT this afternoon. I suppose they’ll last until morning unless a cleaning fairy comes by, and I have never ever seen one of those around here.


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