More Vehicular Problems

SwampMan finally got my old vehicle sorta kinda fixed. Woohooooo, freedom! He didn’t connect everything back up just in case he’d have to tear it down again. I’ve been feeling VERY fenced in because I like my freedom. I like to be by myself. I NEED my down time. I like to take off and walk on the beach at dawn if I feel like it. I’ve been without a vehicle since the end of the school year. Every place I need to go, I’ve had to have somebody take me. Grrrrrrrr.

I decided to try it out by making a short trip down to the feed store to pick up about 1,000 lbs. of feed. On the way there, old faithful 250,000 mile vehicle was happy and ran fine. On the way out, he died several times on the 1/4 mile stretch to the light. I pulled over and was going to call SwampMan to warn him I might not get home and be prepared to come get me. I switched on the cell phone. Dead. I grabbed my charger to plug in the phone, only the cigarette lighter thing that it was supposed to plug into was back in the barn. Oh, durn. I didn’t fancy a 5-mile walk in the heat, so I waited until the light changed, switched on the ignition, and floored that sucker! It got up to 45 miles per hour (with great difficulty) and I thought, as I kept my foot on the accelerator to make the turn into my driveway, that my problems were over. I thought wrong. In the middle of the damn turn being taken too fast so I wouldn’t stall in the middle of the damn road, the damn thing cut off again and so did the power steering.

I have noticed that when I’m about to run smack into something, instead of indulging in prayer, I indulge in a hearty bout of cussing. It gives me strength. I missed the trees AND the mailboxes AND the ditch and proceeded down the driveway to the barn to inform SwampMan that the original thing that was wrong before he fixed it was not only still there, it was WORSE.

Poor SwampMan was at the barn trying to fix the (power) lawnmower (again). He kinda threw everything down, proclaimed how sick he was of having to fix old worthless crap, and headed toward the house. Good thing about those reel lawnmowers. No matter how much SwampMan wants to laugh about mine, it works!

I persuaded him that he needed to go get an ice cream cone and cool off and, while we were out driving around, we stopped by the Whataburger in Yulee because we both realized we hadn’t eaten any food today.

I dunno, y’all. Should we keep on repairing my old ride because I’m woefully underemployed (the best job I could find pays less than half of what I was earning over ten years ago)? Should I just keep nursin’ ol’ faithful along because my job won’t be extended past next year and, if I can’t find another, I certainly can’t afford to make payments on another vehicle? Hell, I couldn’t afford to make payments on my present salary. *sigh* I think I just answered my question.


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  1. 1

    no2liberals said,

    It depends on what is really wrong with your pickemup, as to what you need to do.
    You might want a second opinion on whether it is the portatorcle, the doohickey or the thingamabob that is acting up.

  2. 2

    swampie said,

    Well, we’re going to replace the MAP sensor next. Eventually I’ll have a whole new vehicle!

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