So, Gibbs is Pressured to Backpedal on His Admission the Dems Will Lose the House…

From the Los Angeles Times:

Party leaders also tried to dampen the gloomy prognosis. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, reversing course from comments he made over the weekend, said Tuesday he now believes Democrats will retain control of the House, a sentiment shared by the House majority leader, Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland.

Hunh. Guess he had a come to Jesus meeting with the boss. Can’t state the obvious for the poor fools that are getting their news from NBC. Apparently they had a “strategy” session up at the big house:

White House officials and senators met hastily to discuss the party’s strategy and message as political analysts suggest both the House and Senate could suffer substantial losses and as Obama’s own poll numbers are dropping.

Based on descriptions by White House officials and others, the discussion encompassed jobs, Wall Street regulations and unemployment benefits as well as energy legislation and other possible legislative measures.

But it was characterized more as a political meeting than a legislative work session.

So, what was the most important point in the meeting?

“We just talked about what we’re going to be working on the rest of the year — of course jobs is No. 1,” said Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.). “There were a lot of discussions about a lot of things, but it was very much focused on jobs.”

You mean….they finally have a clue? Really? They’re going to reduce costs of doing business, get rid of some most of that onerous regulation, make things easier for people just trying to make a living? Bwahahahaha. Almost had you goin’ there, didn’t they? Oh, those wild and crazy Dems!

Senators and White House officials discussed need for the party to articulate a common message about their accomplishments these past two years, as well as their priorities for the future.

Obama is planning to meet with House Democratic leaders Wednesday.

Congressional Democrats long have complained about the message coming from the White House, saying that Obama’s criticism of Washington culture undercuts their own political livelihoods. They would prefer Obama attack their common enemy: Republican opposition.

Yep. Everything is going to be the Republican’s fault. This whole “Mommy, I didn’t do it, it was the eeevil Republicans that broke the economy” schtick is getting really old, really, really fast.

So, what steps are the Democrats going to take to repair the economy and jobs? I don’t think we can afford many more billions of dollars to employ 100 people in “green” jobs that, if it worked, would have already been employed by the marketplace.

Democrats appear set on bringing an energy bill to the floor in July.

Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.), the majority leader, outlined the broad provisions of an energy bill Tuesday that likely would impose a cap on pollution from power generating plants, raise energy efficiency standards, and respond to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill crisis.

Great! In order to save their jobs and help us, the taxpayers, their bosses, they are going to increase our electric bills, drive even more manufacturing overseas, and completely bankrupt the gulf coast states.

I don’t want or need to see or hear any more out of the whole worthless bunch.

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