St. Simons Island Couple Die Trapped in Elevator

ST. SIMONS ISLAND — Sherwood and Caroline Wadsworth shared a life together for more than 68 years. The couple’s love story began in college and survived World War II, the only time they were apart.

Sometime in the past week, their lives ended together. Police found their bodies Wednesday morning lying side by side on the floor of an elevator stuck between the second and third floor of their secluded home overlooking the marsh on Fiddler Lane.

Both Sherwood Wadsworth, 90, and his wife, 88, died of heat exposure after being trapped for several days inside the small indoor elevator, autopsies showed Thursday afternoon. The state medical examiner has ruled their deaths accidental.

Glynn County police discovered their bodies after a Times-Union newspaper carrier noticed a growing pile of newspapers Wednesday morning and called 911. The newspapers, dating back to July 9, lay untouched along with a watermelon from a neighbor, outside the carport.

Officers forced their way inside and found the couple, dressed as if ready for bed, on the floor of the elevator, which has no telephone or other emergency alarm system.

If your parents rely on an elevator to get upstairs in their house, please make sure that they have a way to call for help if the elevator gets stuck and they are trapped inside.


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