Countries of Origin of Illegal Immigrants Deported from Duval County, Florida, in the Past Two Years

Illegal Immigrants Deported from Duval County between 10/28/08 and 7/14/10.

Click to enlarge.

I’d like to point out that Duval County, Florida, has been quietly deporting people that have criminal offenses for two years. So, is enforcement of immigration laws racist? Well, look at the picture. While Mexico had the single largest number of illegals sent back to Mexico, they are from all OVER the globe. Yep, Sheriff John has deported people to Asia, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Canada!

And this worldwide deportation has occurred from just ONE COUNTY in Florida and this is just the people that were caught for minor (and major) criminal offenses. Think about the magnitude of the problem that is currently being ignored by the Federal Government.


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    richd said,

    TERRIFIC !!!! I am SOO-io-o- impressed with this policy. Keep up the GREAT work Sheriff !! CATCH-EM ….. & THROW THEM BACK !!! Some of them are EVIL … Some of them are just trying to make a better life …..but …… ALL OF THEM ARE HURTING THIS COUNTRY AND EVERY SINGLE MAN – WOMAN & CHILD IN IT !!!!
    They need to go home and spend their energy making their OWN country better … DO NOT steal form us, at our lowest point in history…….

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