The Dylan and Jacob Show is Back!

Mommy went to get an initial ultrasound of the tiny fetus this week and shared pictures with Dylan and Jacob. Jacob (6) wants a baby sister this time. He’s a little tired of having a brother at this point and is sure a sister would be an improvement. Jacob (3) wants a baby brother to torment. Upon seeing the ultrasound picture, Dylan asked “The baby is in your tummy?” Upon being assured that it WAS, Dylan yanked up Mommy’s shirt and pressed an eyeball against her belly button. After staring intently using one eye and then the other, he told Mommy suspiciously “Well, I don’t see any baby in there!”

On the way back from picking up the boys this morning, they assured us that they were starving. We stopped at a Krystal drive through (but only to save them from imminent death!) and got them each a kid’s meal. Shortly afterwards, a voice from the back seat announced “Meeeeeeeemaaaaaaw, I have to go peepee!” Oh dear. There were no peepee establishments anywhere around. Papa decided to head for Lowe’s since he had to pick up a few items, told Dylan that he had to hold that peepee just a little longer, and headed in Lowe’s direction.

Once we got inside the store, both boys had to go. Papa stood outside the door attending to the cart while I took both boys inside, made sure toilets were flushed, showed them how to operate the soap dispenser and automated faucets, and discouraged them from drying too much of their anatomy underneath the hand dryers.

When we got outside to papa, he mentioned that “since we’re here at the bathrooms, I may as well….” “Yeah, I’ll walk the boys up and down until you come out.” We walked into the paint aisle. We looked at various colors. We went back to the bathroom and parked outside. The boys started getting a little restless. Then Dylan informed the customer service person not once but TWICE in a very loud and carrying voice that his papa was taking a real long time in the bathroom. He must be pooping in the potty, and it must be REALLY big. At that point, I decided that we should probably just move on.

We found papa impatiently waiting for us down one of the aisles. Apparently he had exited the bathroom while we walked in the paint aisle and, not seeing us, he had gone searching. I mentioned the conversation up at customer service. Papa decided that maybe going out through the contractor’s entrance would be a good thing to do.

When we got home, we went outside to feed. Dylan was attacked by a mother duck when he got too near her newly hatched babies. He decided he didn’t want to be outside anymore and went inside to watch cartoons with Papa. Jacob and I worked outside for another two hours, went to the house, and both locks were locked. Papa opened the door and wanted to know why WE locked ourselves out. WE didn’t. Apparently Dylan did, who was fast asleep on the floor. You can never be too careful about keeping rampaging mama ducks out of the house! Papa, who was supposed to be watching him, had been asleep, too. I don’t even want to think about the things that are dismantled in the house now!


Jacob and I went up to get a pizza and ice cream for our “party” to celebrate because Dylan pooped in the potty. A BIG one, as he informed us. We had to go admire! He was asleep when we got inside from feeding the livestock, so Jacob and I went to get a pizza and ice cream, ice cream cones, chocolate sauce, and bananas for a banana split. We had the “Dylan pooped in the potty” party while Dylan slept. I expected him to awaken, but he slept all night and, when I woke up in the morning, he was quietly playing with his toys. “I went peepee in the potty by myself, Meemaw!”

Jacob woke up, and told Dylan that we went shopping for ice cream last night and that his pizza was in the refrigerator. Dylan thought about that for about 20 seconds, then announced that he wanted ice cream for breakfast! I told him that I know that Mommy does NOT let him have ice cream for breakfast! “Daddy does!” he informed me triumphantly. “No he doesn’t!” chimed in Jacob. “He lets us have popsicles for breakfast!”

We had chocolate ice cream cones with hot fudge sauce for breakfast. Dylan finally got his party! Uh, don’t tell Mommy.

Question of the day: “Why do our teeth get cold when we eat ice cream? Is it because they don’t have fur on them?”

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  1. 1

    kcduffy said,

    So, any definite answer from the ultrasound?

    I love impromptu parties. We don’t really do much of that, because she’s here all day every day and so is Grandpa – he’s kinda a wet blanket when it comes to feeding children inappropriate treats at inappropriate times…he believes beds are for sleeping, not watching baseball or cooking on tv, too, the stodgy ol goat.

  2. 2

    swampie said,

    No, not yet! At this point, she tells me that it is a worm with arms and legs; VERY active. I think it will be a couple more months before we get a definitive guess as to whether there is a sister or brother incubating. Daughter is very worried that it will be another son.

    • 3

      kcduffy said,

      Duffy once told me that worry means I’ve decided ahead of time I’m not going to like what G-d has in store for me. Another friend has the attitude – when she had a hinky mammo – that “it isn’t cancer till they tell me it’s cancer. I can do nothing about it either way, so why worry.”

      I’d like her to have a girl, too – I SO wanted the Pixie to be a girl, and so it was granted – but I also knew what will be will be.

      Here’s hoping!

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