End of Summer Blues

Summer “vacation” is coming to an end quickly. We’ve been so busy with SwampMan’s arm surgery that kept his right hand out of service for @ 3 months, trying to get my nonoperational nearly 20-year-old vehicle running again once his arm was working, grandchildren, livestock, and preparing for SwampMan’s surgery next week on his OTHER arm that will keep his left hand out of service for @ 3 months that we just haven’t had or taken the time to do the things that also really need to be done. The house needs painting. It’s been so damn hot that we haven’t gotten the fences replaced that desperately need it. Chicken pens need rebuilding. Sheep need hauling off to market. Both of us just move sooooo slowly outside while dripping sweat that it takes forever to just do the things that have to be done daily and weekly with nothing left over for things that need to be done.

*Sigh* One of the things that I did NOT accomplish that I swore I would this summer was losing 30 pounds! I’ve instead gained three. I got my hair cut today because it was so hot on my neck. The short(er) hair does NOT make me look thinner. Yikes. I wanted to buy a Weider Total Bodyworks 5000 but we’ve been sooooo broke (parts are expensive and my paycheck is sooooo tiny!) that I just never ordered it. I *think* that a one piece exercise thing that I don’t have to put down and change out every time I need to do another exercise (like the free weights) might keep me exercising instead of wandering off to dabble at one of the hundreds of things that need doing. Maybe. Have you or anybody that you know used one of these successfully to get in a shape besides round?

Walking or jogging 6 miles daily used to be my exercise of choice (worked well, too!) to keep me thin until my heel spurs and plantar fasciitis happened, probably from the walking/jogging! My pain is minimal unless I try to walk too far or pedal a bicycle. Just can’t do enough to help me with that weight loss. That’s why I’m looking for something else/another way to exercise.

Another thing that I did NOT do and need to do VERY badly is come up with another source of income OTHER than my school salary. I need a backup plan! My one-year contract was renewed for another year at this school, but won’t be again. I was offered an accounting job but didn’t take it because of keeping the grandkids this summer and SwampMan’s surgery. Unfortunately, I probably won’t get another offer for a job with an actual salary that we can live on. Damnit. Maybe we can get another business started when SwampMan heals. It is very worrying to me because if anything happens to SwampMan, I would be hard pressed to keep the electricity on.

Maybe I’m just kinda blue because I go back to being bitten for a living again in a couple weeks. My bite marks have scarred up nicely over the summer, and I’m not looking forward to acquiring new ones.

Update: Aaargh! It will cost $250 for parts for my A/C if I want to actually drive to work without arriving in a pool of sweat. Since I don’t actually HAVE $250 for parts, I suppose I’ll arrive at work soaking. Did I mention that it is supposed to be @ 100 degrees for the next five days? Hmmmmm. If I sweat enough on the way to work, will I look slimmer? I have training in downtown Jax during that period. Something to look forward to!

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