Infant Dies From Eastern Equine Encephalitis; Beware Mosquitos!

Apparently two people have died from EEE in the Tampa area and one in north Florida. Just be aware that it is back and take appropriate precautions if you wish. SwampMan and I have both had severe headaches that we woke with a couple of days apart with a feeling of nausea; however, we figure that it was probably because we’d spent too much time outside in the heat.

SwampMan and I were driving around the westside today in working class neighborhoods. There were a surprising number of people sitting outside in the shade, men with shirts off, sweat pouring down their bodies. They looked to be in their 40s and 50s (our ages). We figure that they’re part of the ongoing economic collapse and can’t afford the bill for the AC. Outside is cooler.

Unfortunately, the economic conditions that cause the men to be sitting outside shirtless also means communities are cutting back on spraying for mosquitos. We live outside any city limits, so we never have our mosquito problem sprayed. The neighbors may not appreciate my Muscovy ducks, but they do keep the skeeters down! Of course, the neighbors don’t know that since they’ve never lived here without patrolling Muscovy protection!

So, here we are. The tropics are starting to get more active. There are a lot of unemployed/underemployed people that can’t afford to run the A/C during a particularly warm summer. There are nasty, mosquito-borne viruses circulating. And there are communities that can’t afford to spray for mosquitoes. Sounds like it will be another exciting year for the public health people!

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