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Off to Training After No Sleep Since Sunday!

I wouldn’t recommend sitting in class Tuesday learning a new software program that I’m allegedly supposed to know how to operate (grin) after getting only a few hours of sleep Sunday night prior to transporting SwampMan to the hospital for surgery early Monday and then back home again. I would have liked to get some sleep Monday night, but noooooooo. Since I knew that my butt was draggin’, I took in huge quantities of caffeine today, enough to make my heart bounce around like a bad check. The alternative was me falling face down into the laptop! Now my eyes, while bloodshot and baggy, resolutely refuse to close and here I am, tired to the bone, grandkids in bed, SwampMan asleep, wide awake. This is primo sleeping time! I’ll probably start nodding off right when it’s time for SwampMan’s meds, or a little somebody needs me to accompany them to the potty for a pee run on account of the monsters roaming the hallways at night.

Did I learn anything in class? Well, I *think* I did. Better check back with me tomorrow when I attempt to replicate what I learned to create in class. I could just have an illusion of competence backed by foggy thinking.

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