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Unemployment Claims Rise “Unexpectedly” Again

I had a business program on for a brief moment of sanity (or so I thought) when the breaking news announcer said that jobless claims rose “unexpectedly” again. Unexpectedly? Maybe somebody completely off the grid on a desert island who had no contact with actual people in the actual economy might consider it unexpected. Anybody else that uses the word “unexpectedly” when it comes to job loss in this economy is a moron.

I switched the program back to Spongebob Squarepants for the boys. There, the unexpected really IS unexpected, not the direct result of stupid government policies. Here’s a clue x 4 for the media lapdog cheerleaders: The only people for whom the rising unemployment claims was “unexpected” would be you.

Unemployment Rates By County Through 05/10

I note that with the release of the “actual numbers” for July, (yeah, riiiiiiight), the June job losses, previously said to be 135,000, were adjusted upward to 221,000. Ooooooh. Wonder what the real July numbers are.

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