Meemaw, It Feels Like It’s Almost Winter!

The temperature outside isn’t quite as scorching as it has been the rest of the summer. Six-year-old Jacob was quite impressed. “Meemaw! It feels like it’s almost winter! Is it almost winter, Meemaw?”

That temperature in the high 80s is almost like an arctic chill, isn’t it? Heh.

I was out raking up downed limbs (again) for a “marshmarrow” fire while Jacob walked the foster dog that Mommy brought home. Uh, to my home, not hers (grin). The little dog was dropped off at the animal shelter a few weeks ago and hides and shakes in fear at the noise and commotion. She started sneezing (kennel cough) so Mommy took her into foster care so she could recover here and not pass the illness on. Maybe.

Anyway, Mommy unloaded the dog when she got home, not noticing resident Puppy sleeping in the shade. As soon as “strange dog” scent hit Puppy’s nostrils (female nonetheless) he went from sound asleep into full German Shepherd Attack Mode, a fearsome thing indeed, especially for a terrified little dog. She was rolled onto her back and threatened with instant death. Mommy was MAD. Meemaw pointed out that Puppy is, in fact, a guard dog, and he was guarding very well. Mommy did not believe it. She thinks Puppy just wants to kill her fosterling like it was a possum or a rat. Meemaw did not helpfully point out that Foster Dog was possum sized, after all. Foster Dog is allegedly the result of a chihuahua x beagle tryst. To me, it resembles more a result of a liaison between one of those pop-eyed aliens and a minpin.

Puppy LOVES Jacob. He and Jacob play together every day, and Jacob and Dylan were out there when Strange Dog jumped out of the car. I think he was protecting his babies. Now when Jacob takes Foster Dog out for a walk on a leash in Odie’s yard, Puppy just barks and barks and cries like his heart is broken.

Foster dog had to stay on the porch while Meemaw engaged in marathon vacuuming and dusting today. The dog could stay on the porch full time as far as Meemaw is concerned (grin), but daughter and Jacob and Dylan think she needs to be inside. My late vacuum cleaner (putting hand over heart in memory) had not been working well for months, and finally crossed over to the Great Repair Shop in the Sky a couple weeks ago. You can imagine the state of the carpet after no vacuuming up with two active little boys running through the house. I had no idea how poorly the old one was performing until I got a new one! WOW!

The house was relatively clean and straight with toys picked up and put away until Dylan woke from his nap. Now, of course, it looks much the way it did BEFORE I went into full cleaning frenzy mode. *sigh* Maybe at least I burned a few calories! (Hopefully checking butt in mirror….nope. ‘Fraid not.)

Time to feed the chickens, ducks, horse, sheep, dogs, and cats. Then I need to do something about the mountain of ironing staring balefully at me from the clothes baskets.


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    kcduffy said,

    I didn’t do anywhere NEAR that kind or amount of work today…so why am I wore out?

    Duffy got outdoors to do some trimming (he loves his new pruning pole) and yard cleanup. I’d like to pave it all and have some potted plants I can move in and out of the shade when necessary, but I have a feeling that ain’t gonna happen.

    I hate this weather. Today was better – on my hate scale of one to ten, a mere 11, instead of a 16 1/2, which is what it’s been for the last few weeks – but still…horrible.

    Love hearing your adventures with your boys, thanks for the smiles!

  2. 2

    swampie said,

    The mountain of ironing is still taunting me from the dining room, where it has taken up semipermanent residence under the ironing board. I probably won’t get it started tomorrow, either, because one of my movable chicken pens needs some major repairs. The foster dog is curled up back underneath the sofa, and I can’t get her out to go outside for a potty trip. I tried coaxing her out, and she gave me an “as IF” look, turned away, closed her eyes, and sighed. I hope she has a better bladder than I do.

    Daughter, who COULD get the dog out from under the sofa because the dog actually LIKES her, is spending the night at her house out toward Jax Beach so she can tend her special needs kitties and the gerbil.

    I dunno what it was, but this summer has completely kicked my butt.

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