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LTC Allen West: Come and Get It!

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Wednesday Night Dance Video

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So, I was Going to Repair a Chicken Pen Today….

I actually started to repair it yesterday with my daughter, but I didn’t know what SwampMan did with the drill, bits, screwdriver, and screws that I needed. He’d been rearranging his shop and I can’t find anything (which may be deliberate on his part).

I came in today around noonish from doing various livestock-related chores outside, and asked him to come show me where the stuff was that I needed.

“Why can’t you do that kinda stuff in the morning before it turns so ungodly hot outside?” he demanded in an accusatory tone, as though I were deliberately trying to make him get all sweaty. Well, because I was outside doing other chores like mowing grass. I didn’t mention that he hasn’t been actually UP in the morning since before his operation. That would probably be the wrong thing to do. I asked him if he wanted some lunch first. “Yes, I do!”

“So, what do you want?”

“McDonald’s chicken strips.” Ewwwww….er, I mean “okay”.

So, off to McDonald’s, back home inside to eat, and he fell asleep on the chair. Okay, then. Dang. Can’t even run the vacuum. DON’T WANT to iron. Computer time!

Around 5:00, I mentioned going outside and working on the pens. He said “wouldn’t you rather just wait until tomorrow morning?”


“Why not? It will be much cooler at 7 in the morning!”

“Just tell me where the stuff is so I can get started!”

“I don’t want to go outside and get all sweaty in my bandage.” (He IS supposed to avoid that completely.)


“I’d rather wait until tomorrow morning.”


“Because I’m going to build them for you. You won’t build it sturdy enough.”

Oh, crap. Every single freakin’ time he builds something for me, I can’t use it because it is too freakin’ heavy for me to move! There are “portable” chicken pens he made for me sitting permanently out in the pasture rotting because they were too damn heavy for daughter and myself to move together. (That was 8 years ago before she got married and I STILL can’t move them. Damn pressure treated wood!) He decided that the portable pens I wanted were too rickety. He wanted to build something better. Oh, he built it better, all right!

So he started talking about 2 x 4 construction for the roof that I was going to replace the torn netting and shadecloth top of the pen with. My moveable pen that I can actually lift up and move by myself that started life as a dog kennel. And he’s going to build the roof in place in the barn. I will have to lift it up onto the top of the 8-foot tall pen. Nice to know that he considers my strength to be somewhere between that of an olympic power lifter and Babe the Big Blue Ox, but I think my best heavy lifting days might be behind me considering that I’m a grandmother. Even if I am one that can kick your ass.

“That would be TOO HEAVY! I’m going to build it in place.”

“No, it will be fine! First we’ll load the roof onto the bed of the truck, then you can just lean it against the pen and slide it into place!” (We? I’m pretty sure that means he will tell me what to, and I’m supposed to do it.)

Why didn’t I think of that? Probably because I was going to put the ladder inside the pen, throw some 1 x 4’s across, screw the middle two pieces of metal roofing in place, take the ladder outside the pen, screw the side pieces of metal in place, replace the torn shade cloth with poultry wire, and move the roosts to go under the metal roof. It would take 1/2 hour, tops. Instead, I’m going to spend half a day helping build something that I don’t need or want which will make my portable chicken pen decidedly nonportable. I have to pick this thing up and move it by myself.

Perhaps I should point out, AGAIN, that if this thing is too heavy for ME to move, he’s gonna be out there moving it after work every other day or so. Except he can’t, because he’s going to be unable to use one arm for the next 3 months. And I’ll have a movable chicken pen that isn’t.

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Not a Good Thing

I had no idea that so many middle-aged people that are unemployed are getting student loans (nondischargable in a bankruptcy) and going back to school regardless of the fact that if/when they graduate, the subject that they majored in isn’t going to be sufficient to make payments if they can even get a job. Their credit cards are maxed out. They are in danger of losing their houses. They aren’t thinking that far ahead. They are just trying to survive.

This came to my attention initially from a friend, and now I find out that there are several people that I know doing it.

When they graduate, they’re going to have a huge debt load, a new degree, and perhaps still not have any jobs available. Holy crap. They’re betting the economy is going to be far better when they graduate. I’m afraid it might be worse.

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Interesting Denninger Post Today

If you haven’t read the Market Ticker today, you should. I don’t always agree with absolutely everything he writes but, as a former business owner, I know that the administration policies are absolutely killing what business activity remains.

Markets eventually suss out the truth. The heroin high of credit expansion always feels real good at the time you take up the new credit, but the compound annualized growth rate of DEBT in the system, not including the off-balance-sheet Federal programs, has been 8.78% since 1953!

In the same time the compound growth rate of GDP has been 6.81%.

This is the definition of a Ponzi Scheme – the premise that one can growth GDP forever (and business plans are made and predicated on that) but also that credit can grow faster than GDP forever.

Neither of those premises is true, and having run this scam for sixty years we’ve now found the end of the rope – and it’s 20 stories up from street level.

For more than three years I have been banging this drum. It is delightful to finally read these facts in a mainstream media publication, but at the same time rather sad that it took this long.

Buckle up folks.

I don’t think people will be pleased when they find out that they’ve been royally screwed by politicians and bankers.

Here’s a Taiwanese video of how I feel about MEEEEchelle’s trip to Spain courtesy RickZ of GCP:

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Wednesday Video Time!

I haven’t posted anything musical for awhile and, since I’m a little hungry, I’ll combine the two: Music Videos About Food!

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