Some Unemployed Spouses Don’t Understand….

There’s been a lot of stuff on television and in the news reports about how great paying government jobs are, and so unemployed spouses think that, since their significant other works for the government, the money tap can be turned on full blast.

Not so fast.

A lot of people that work for state and city government have had their wages cut. Can’t make it up in overtime, because hours have been cut, too. Insurance costs are skyrocketing (thanks, Washington). Their entire department may be cut next.

Like everybody else, their houses are worth less, they still have vehicle payments, mortgage (or rent) payments, insurance costs, day care expenses, and are watching grocery store prices climb daily.

If you want to get angry about out of control government salaries, look at the Federal government (and California).


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    As a recently hired civil servant(last November), yeah. I have the same responsibilities, obligations and bills like anyone else. I also pay rent here in Cal City and a house payment in Wichita. I was one of those 13,000 or so laid off aircraft workers, courtesy of the meltdown and the determination of the three stooges: obama, reid and pelosi that corporate aircraft were evil tools of the rich.

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