SwampMan Got Arm Put in Cast Today

Little boys came along and watched in fascination at the x-rays and the casting process. Dylan wanted Papa to have a red cast, but Jacob wanted Papa to have a camouflage cast. As Senior Grandson, Jacob got to choose the color.

Dylan couldn’t stand to watch the stitches come out. He covered his eyes with Jacob’s arm in case any scary-looking-stitches-embedded-in-Papa’s-arm-flesh images accidentally got past his closed eyelids. I did get pictures this time which I will post later (poor you!), but the camera is now in SwampMan’s truck which is with SwampMan. He dropped us off at home in order to go to his classroom, where it is nice and quiet (unlike at home), to write lesson plans.

The boys were very, VERY good and well behaved. We got lots of congratulations on their excellent behavior and manners (which will astonish Mommy, no doubt), and they got lots of big stickers from the nurse! They put stickers over their mouths on the way home. I had nothing to do with it. Honest! When SwampMan stopped by Subway to pick up a sandwich for lunch later, I picked up chocolate chip cookies for the boys as a thank you for good behavior, although Meemaw expects good behavior all the time.


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