Sometimes When You Get Peace and Quiet, You Don’t Like It At All

Now that the boys are back home with Mommy and Daddy with Daddy being back home from National Guard duty, the house is so very quiet. I remarked on the quiet to SwampMan. He said “YEAH!” and resumed reading his book. *sigh* I probably won’t see them again until Christmas break. Sammy (Puppy) and Odie feel it, too, particularly Sammy. He went and laid down against the fence after the boys left and stayed there, whining, until his food was delivered. I understand.

I tried to talk with SwampMan to break the awful silence. “Uh, I’m reading here!”

I even miss the little “chickenwawa” who hid shaking under the sofa for a couple days and then turned into the happiest little energizer bunnydog ever, albeit one with peepee control issues that got her ejected from the house to the porch. Then, of course, the chewing up the blanket cord issue got her ejected again.

After she gets over her kennel cough, she’ll be returned to Animal Control. It doesn’t really seem fair to take her back to a place that is so terrifying, but Daddy said absolutely no dog for the boys because Mommy has enough to deal with in going through a pregnancy, working full time, and caring for two boys and the infant that will arrive in February. I don’t really have the time to take on another animal to be fed before going to work in the morning, either! She’s fast, too, so fast that she could easily zip through the gate past SwampMan into the driveway (who is not the most noticing of men in the morning) and get crunched by his truck as he backs up to leave. Just the thought makes me ill. Hopefully there will be somebody out there who is looking for a happy small dog that LOVES children but, sadly, she’ll probably be overlooked again by people looking to adopt when she goes back to hiding and trembling in fear in the back of a scary, noisy kennel.

I walk forlornly through the house, sniffling at each little Lego block that I find on the floor. There are a LOT of sniffles. Legos: NOT a good idea for small children. Next time, buy Duplos. SwampMan looks up and demands “What is WRONG with you?”


SwampMan just grins, shakes his head, and goes back to his book.

“They’re ALL going to be here for a whole year starting next summer when SIL gets deployed.”

At the reminder, I cheer up! I have a year to figure out another business to start where I can also stay home full-time with the grandchildren! Woohoooo!

“Oh, NO!” I utter out loud.


“We only have a year to start a business that is financially successful enough to replace my salary PLUS allow me to take care of the grandkids!” I inform him. “Have you got any ideas?”

“NO! Not tonight! Goodnight! Don’t stay up too late worrying about it!”

Hmmmmmmm. I gotta think about this one. Suggestions are welcome.

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  1. 1

    kcduffy said,

    I was making Duffy’s lunch and thinking of this column from yesterday (I read it at while listening to someone on radio talk about how useless the education system is in SO many ways. I hear tutors are in great demand but often prohibitively expensive. Home Ec and Shop have gone the way of the dinosaurs…and many charter schools might see advantage in having someone teach such things to their enrollees. Some home-schooled kids might be interested, too. Then I wondered, if you’re looking for work, there’s a lot on this list YOU could teach, for a fee?

    That’s the extent of my thinking. Had to write it to you before I forget.

  2. 2

    swampie said,

    Hmmmm. I was taking classes for doing decorative concrete just before the shit hit the fan on 9/11. That was going to be my next business to start. Also took classes to refinish bathtubs and tile but the fumes were pretty repulsive, the drying time was long, and the insurance was prohibitive. I think the formula has changed to less stinky and curing with a UV light, perhaps I should look into that again.

    • 3

      kcduffy said,

      Animal care and feeding. Where eggs come from. Teach teenagers to change the oil and tires on their cars. How to bake biscuits.

      SO many little things people ought to learn…many of which I learned in Home Ec or Driver’s Ed that they just don’t teach anymore.

      Had our tub refinished 4 years ago. Just one day – it’s original to the house, cast iron, so might be different than what you were learning about?

      • 4

        kcduffy said,

        Have I explained how unreliable my memory tends to be? I don’t remember any light, but I’m sure we couldn’t use it again till the next day. Guy with a company called “Restore America” we found at the Home and Patio Show at the Prime Osborne. SUCH a relief to be able to get my tub clean again! He did mention being able to do pretty much the same thing to the tile floor & walls. They’re a mess, but I can’t afford it, and it would take the colour out. Complete white just doesn’t seem attractive right now…and that could change! Think the drain thingy is deteriorating, gotta check it for rust when I find my reading glasses. Got a couple dings in it now – my family is not kind and gentle to anything but babies, it seems…

  3. 5

    swampie said,

    Nope, same thing. Did they cure it with UV light, or let it dry overnight?

    • 6

      kcduffy said,

      Crap. Hit wrong reply button…sorry. 😎

      • 7

        swampie said,

        I can never hit them damn things right even on my own blog, let alone anybody else’s.

        You can have your tub and/or tile any color you want. While in training at the company, we did some clawfoot tubs red and gold for the ever so alluring whorehouse look, another one red and white…..quite lovely, actually.

        The UV light cures it in minutes, not hours! That’s why I was so interested in the new process but I ain’t got the $$$ for it.

        I have a white tub and green tile. I’m kinda sorta thinking of stripping it all down and doing another color, but I don’t think I want to be without a bathroom for the 48 hours I’d have to leave it in order to have different colored tile and tub. Unless, of course, I got that expensive light……

        But who am I kidding! I don’t have the time!

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