Today Is The Last Day At MeeMaw’s House

Summer is rapidly drawing to a close. Today is the last day two little boys will be spending the summer at MeeMaw’s house. MeeMaw has mixed emotions about this. Mostly MeeMaw would be feeling sad, but the youngest just put the cord to MeeMaw’s electric blanket in the foster chickenwawa’s mouth and encouraged the dog to chew it in half, then gleefully told on the dog. Dog got tossed outside on porch. MeeMaw was pissed. Then the oldest said that the youngest put the cord in dog’s mouth, and it was the little one’s fault. *sigh* Little one sent off to temporary exile in the living room so that MeeMaw could control the urge to spank HIM and toss him on the porch. That was about the third incident while I was attempting to cook oatmeal. The expensive electric blanket was out because the youngest wet the bed last night and was sobbing from the cold, and MeeMaw was all out of clean, dry blankets except for MeeMaw’s electric blanket.

“MeeMaw! Dylan is pulling my hair and farting on my shoulders!”

MeeMaw needs a nap before 9 a.m.


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