Worst. Vacation. Ever.

“This has been the Worst. Vacation. Ever!” Swampman announced to me today on the last day of his summer vacation. “I have been completely miserable the entire summer!” Yep. No sooner than he had had one surgery done to alleviate the arthritis in his right hand and had gotten the cast off his arm and hand, he had had the left hand and arm done. Not to mention when he accidentally exploded himself, burning off his beard, mustache, and eyebrows and inflicting second-degree burns before his first surgery!

In between surgeries, he had tried to keep our old vehicles running using one hand for mechanical work, but mine still doesn’t have the A/C working. A trip to the local grocery store leaves me soaked with sweat, and I drive it to work (nonlocally) starting Friday. Most of the summer I had no transportation due to an elusive electrical problem, so the driving while in a sauna experience in the van makes me happy. I just need to bring enough towels to wipe off the sweat and towel dry my hair before I go inside anywhere!

I must have rolled my eyes just short of getting them stuck in the back of my skull or perhaps SwampMan, after 30+ years of marriage, could sense what I was NOT saying but was thinking very, very loudly. “Okay, maybe it was bad for you, too.”

Hmmmmm. The tiptoeing around the house and being at his beck and call while simultaneously keeping two very active small boys happy AND quiet was maybe not my idea of a dream vacation either, ya think? I will just make the observation that SwampMan is the biggest grumpy pain in the butt I have ever encountered in my entire life when he is not feeling well and leave it at that!

I’d never had an actual vacation until I worked for the school system. SwampMan was sure that if I worked with the school system, we could take actual vacations together, something that we haven’t ever really done. Sure, we snatched a weekend here and there, and tried to take the kids camping every couple of years, but we’ve never really had time off. When you are an independent contractor or sole proprietor, though, there’s not a lot of time that can be taken off.

I just completed my third year with the school system. We can’t actually afford to leave town now! Before I worked for the school system, we could take a 3-day weekend and fly somewhere. Now we can’t even afford the gas and hotel room!


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