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Maybe It’s Time to Embrace My Inner Fat Ass…Oh, Wait…..

That inner fat ass is now an external fat ass! I’ve been waiting to “lose weight” before I’ve done some things that I want to do because I’ve been embarrassed by the weight gain, as if that fat done snuck up and jumped on me when I wasn’t looking. Hmmmm. I guess it did, at that. Ten pounds a year over the past few years adds up to a considerable amount!

How did it happen? When the construction business folded, I did a lot of stress eating. Not knowing how to keep the lights on from month to month will do that to you, as well as only being able to afford things like macaroni and cheese, beans, rice…..I do much better on a high protein diet, but there were only so many ways I could eat eggs!

Now, particularly during the school year, we eat waaay too much fast food because we just don’t have the time to do much else. I get home and need to start with the livestock, grass mowing, and other outside work before dark. By the time it is time to come inside and start the inside stuff, I don’t really feel like cooking.

As soon as Mom left her nursing job, the weight that she had accumulated from stress and shift work melted off. She tells me that all I have to do to lose weight is quit my job! I dunno….I suppose getting the electricity turned off and not being able to store or cook perishable food and not being to afford fuel for the ol’ van could possibly cause me to lose weight by walking to McDonald’s, but I’m not sure how that would alleviate my stress any.

*sigh* I need an exercise program that doesn’t take up too much time (besides the two plus hours daily I spend on things like walking around caring for livestock and toting 5 gallon buckets of feed and water plus bales of hay in the winter, that is), to streamline my outside chores so I have more time to cook (and clean), and to pack my lunch and breakfast every day so that I don’t eat in the school cafeteria. Hunh. I don’t think any of those are likely to happen!

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I HATE the New Walmart

I was trudging endlessly through Walmart the other day, looking for stuff I need that apparently they no longer carry, when I just spontaneously uttered out loud to myself in frustration that “I HATE this new remodel and layout!” A lady passing by trying to find something was startled but agreed. She said “They don’t have ANY of the things that I’m looking for today!” We agreed that sure, having wide aisles is nice, but there’s nothing on the shelves! Entire departments have been eliminated.

I suppose that the MBAs have gotten together and decided that we folks in the rural areas need the exact same things that people in the city need. WRONG. There are a lot of quilters and people that sew around this Walmart, so they eliminated the fabric department. The nearest fabric store is about 50 miles away across Jacksonville. The fabric section was always busy. But, somebody somewhere decided that we really don’t need to sew anymore.

The pet department food selection is very limited. The paint department is really crappy now. Couldn’t even find a decent garbage can in hardware let alone any tools. The dishes section is a lot bigger, though. Snort. The plastic storage crap section is big, but I couldn’t find a container in the length I needed to store some of the kids’ building materials. Hence my trip to hardware looking for a sturdy trash can.

I think they’re trying to be Target. I never really shopped much at Target because they didn’t have what I needed. Neither does Walmart, now.

After walking through, I doubt that I’ll need to visit Walmart anymore for much of anything.

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Back to School Shopping

No, I don’t have to do back to school shopping for the kids. I have to do it for me! I have once again put off until the very last possible moment (yay, ME!) the shopping in which I will have to actually try on clothes in front of an actual mirror with ghastly lighting and recoil in horror. Yikes.

I thought that I would spend a lot of time outside and have lost lots of weight by the fall. Nope. Didn’t happen. Record high temperatures and a husband who required lots of steppin’ and fetchin’ inside along with two little boys that needed near constant feeding made sure that instead of losing, I, er, gained weight. Again.

So, off to the stores today. I hate shopping. I hate spending money. I REALLY hate spending money on clothes that will be cut with scissors, thrown up on, get markers on, get paint on, get glue on, get food stains on, get bitten, get blood on, get ripped right off my body at school (yes, that did happen… I make sure to wear some sort of camisole underneath the shirt!) and otherwise mangled beyond repair, sometimes at the first wearing! We have to look “professional”, so have to wear some kind of dressy clothes to be destroyed. Having a $10 T-shirt destroyed doesn’t bother me nearly as much as having a $75 silk blouse ripped off!

So, where shall I shop? I’m going to start at the thrift stores. Having a $5.00 outfit destroyed every week or so can work with my budget. Walmart is a little too upscale for me.

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