Back to School Shopping

No, I don’t have to do back to school shopping for the kids. I have to do it for me! I have once again put off until the very last possible moment (yay, ME!) the shopping in which I will have to actually try on clothes in front of an actual mirror with ghastly lighting and recoil in horror. Yikes.

I thought that I would spend a lot of time outside and have lost lots of weight by the fall. Nope. Didn’t happen. Record high temperatures and a husband who required lots of steppin’ and fetchin’ inside along with two little boys that needed near constant feeding made sure that instead of losing, I, er, gained weight. Again.

So, off to the stores today. I hate shopping. I hate spending money. I REALLY hate spending money on clothes that will be cut with scissors, thrown up on, get markers on, get paint on, get glue on, get food stains on, get bitten, get blood on, get ripped right off my body at school (yes, that did happen… I make sure to wear some sort of camisole underneath the shirt!) and otherwise mangled beyond repair, sometimes at the first wearing! We have to look “professional”, so have to wear some kind of dressy clothes to be destroyed. Having a $10 T-shirt destroyed doesn’t bother me nearly as much as having a $75 silk blouse ripped off!

So, where shall I shop? I’m going to start at the thrift stores. Having a $5.00 outfit destroyed every week or so can work with my budget. Walmart is a little too upscale for me.

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