I HATE the New Walmart

I was trudging endlessly through Walmart the other day, looking for stuff I need that apparently they no longer carry, when I just spontaneously uttered out loud to myself in frustration that “I HATE this new remodel and layout!” A lady passing by trying to find something was startled but agreed. She said “They don’t have ANY of the things that I’m looking for today!” We agreed that sure, having wide aisles is nice, but there’s nothing on the shelves! Entire departments have been eliminated.

I suppose that the MBAs have gotten together and decided that we folks in the rural areas need the exact same things that people in the city need. WRONG. There are a lot of quilters and people that sew around this Walmart, so they eliminated the fabric department. The nearest fabric store is about 50 miles away across Jacksonville. The fabric section was always busy. But, somebody somewhere decided that we really don’t need to sew anymore.

The pet department food selection is very limited. The paint department is really crappy now. Couldn’t even find a decent garbage can in hardware let alone any tools. The dishes section is a lot bigger, though. Snort. The plastic storage crap section is big, but I couldn’t find a container in the length I needed to store some of the kids’ building materials. Hence my trip to hardware looking for a sturdy trash can.

I think they’re trying to be Target. I never really shopped much at Target because they didn’t have what I needed. Neither does Walmart, now.

After walking through, I doubt that I’ll need to visit Walmart anymore for much of anything.


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    Robert D said,

    May I suggest my favorite way to shop? http://www.walmart.com/index.gsp

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