How Many Clothes Do I Need? It Depends….

I’m trying to go through drawers and closets and reduce the amount of clothes stuffed into them. If daughter and three children will be moving in with us next August while SIL is on deployment in Afghanistan, I need to do some serious closet clearing because no doubt they will need to hang up some clothes.

I decided to start with underwear and socks. After all, how many of those do I really need in a week? Easy stuff, freeing up drawer space! Well, let’s see: I went out and fed livestock this morning, came in soaking wet with sweat because it was so humid outside, took a shower, changed into dry undergarments and clean clothes, arrived at work, departed from work, drove home without A/C, arrived at home wet and sweaty, changed out of wet, sweaty good clothes into dry old clothes for feeding, had a visit with granddaughter and former DIL who came to the house so I didn’t get to the feeding part because granddaughter wanted to visit all the animals, went back inside, changed into more dry clothing including undergarments, went out to eat with SwampMan, came home, fed livestock in the rain, fed and played with dogs and cats, came inside to shower and change into dry clothes including undergarments… that’s what, five changes of clothes in one day? I’ll need 35 pairs of panties, socks, and bras just to keep a 7-day supply on hand. I may not have enough stuffed into the dresser. This is definitely not going as smoothly as I thought it would.

Okay, maybe closets would be easier. I have dress pants in several colors (and sizes). Dress shirts in several colors. Jeans-type pants in colors other than blue. Jeans are now forbidden, but sometimes I need sturdy, bite-resistant pants and maybe nobody will notice? Dresses, suits, jackets, not worn for the past two years in this particular job. *sigh* Okay, maybe the closet isn’t going to get cleaned out, either. Or maybe I should just buy a couple more pair of khaki Dockers. I have navy blue, charcoal gray, and one or two pairs of khaki pants. Perhaps I should just have five pairs of pants total in my closet, and ten shirts. People would get really tired of my wardrobe, but what the heck. It would sure simplify storage.

I think I’ll be like Scarlett O’Hara and think about it tomorrow!


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