I’m (VERY) Worried About the Future

I’m worried about the future for relatives that are borrowing money for a degree that will only worsen their financial situation when they graduate and certainly won’t guarantee a job. I’m worried about whether my mother, stepdad, and in-laws will have access to health care. I’m worried about so many long-term jobless in my community. I’m worried about former DIL with three children of her own who supplemented the family income by babysitting another three kids because her husband, an electrician, is unemployed. The (divorced) mother of three that she babysits for has now lost her job. My son, who pays child support for former DIL’s oldest child, is having problems of his own.

The economy just slowly continues to get worse. Just when we think that we have gotten sorta used to the discomfort, it tightens up some more so that we have to figure out something else to do without.

I don’t think the politicians even begin to understand what we, the people, are going through. When is the last time you saw a politician doing something like, say, cutting back on vacation time because they couldn’t afford the gas to drive across the state? When is the last time that you saw a politician decide that Motel 6 was too expensive? How ’bout those Obama vacations, huh?

If the Federal government were wiped out in a terrorist attack, would that be a bad thing for the country?


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