We Got Some RAIN Tonight in NE Florida

Dunno ’bout how the rest of y’all fared rain wise, but we gotta helluva downpour here. The rain finally slowed to the occasional raindrop by 11 p.m., so I went outside to feed the dogs and cats by the dim light of a faulty flashlight. The mare showed up at the fence nickering for her feed, so off to the horsefeed bin. I walked over on the concrete apron, splashing through a couple inches of water, stepped through the gate, and the water level was above the tops of my shoes on the concrete apron on the other side of the fence. Eeeeeeeew. While jumping around in wet shoes, I noted the ducks swimming where I had thought to walk across. Hunh. Too bad they didn’t swim up before I stepped into the deep water! No wonder the sheep weren’t out begging. They, being sensible, will stay in their nice, dry barn and beg tomorrow morning.

I found a dryish place to feed the mare because I didn’t want to wade through the water out at the barn, and I’ll get the sheep and chickens fed tomorrow morning when the water will have subsided.


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    Robert D said,

    G’nite swampie. Sleep well.

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