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My Kinda Hikin’

Sure is purty out there.

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When Shit Happens, It Sure Do Like Company!

I talked to son over the weekend. He and his girlfriend have gone their separate ways over financial issues, and he used up most of his paycheck on child support for granddaughter, who lives with former DIL and her husband and kids, and getting his electricity at his old place turned on. Just when he thought things couldn’t get much worse, the pump to his well went out and then, when he was going to go to the hardware store for parts, he found out that his tire was flat. He hooked up his air compressor to air up the tire, but found it didn’t work anymore. He called us, but we weren’t home. He called a buddy to come over with an air tank so that his tire could get patched and aired up. While he was waiting for his buddy, he started to mow the grass, and the lawnmower quit. By the time his buddy got there, the local hardware store was closed. He was debating whether to spend $50 on gas to go see if Home Depot had anything he could repair it with, but then his truck A/C compressor started making a racket. I got home about this time and returned his call. He started out telling me about the truck with the bearings going out on the A/C compressor and how if it goes out before getting another check, he’s screwed, because everything runs off that belt. He’s going to take our agricultural pump out at the barn and hook it up at his place until he gets his fixed. Hunh. Guess we better figure on getting another pump! I helpfully suggested a hand pump, but he wasn’t goin’ for it.

I understand his frustration completely. My van A/C isn’t working, and it’s hotter than hell driving back and forth to work. Early this morning, the house A/C started making a racket, so I had to shut IT off. During a heavy downpour this weekend, I discovered that the roof was leaking right where SwampMan and I were going to reshingle this summer, except he had the surgery, and we couldn’t. We thought the shingles could last until winter. We thought wrong. It could always be worse, so I’m going to shut up right now before lightning knocks out all the appliances. Again.

SwampMan just called, and he wants me* to turn on the heat pump and go outside and check out what the hell is the matter with it. Say WHAT? ME? Okay, then. If I knew what was wrong with the damn thing, I wouldn’t have shut it down in the first place! My uneducated guess would be that we’ve kept it going LONG after the time it was supposed to be decorating a landfill, and the bucket has done been kicked.

*I do okay with preindustrial machinery and simple tools, not so much things that are electrical in nature. Examples of Things to Trust Swampie With: Hammer. Nails. Livestock. Paint. Examples of Things NOT to Trust Swampie With: Nail guns. Bulldozers. Internal Combustion Engines. Paint Sprayers.

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