More Unemployment

Company where son has been working since he came back from Utah Wyoming has told the workers that they will be all laid off next week. That’s after he’s been trying to fix everything that went to hell at once at his place! At least he got his truck fixed, although he won’t be able to buy the gas for it. The project(s) that he returned to Florida for were cancelled.

He’s going to come over here next week with his .22 and shoot a bunch of my roosters and ducks. Once those are gone, he can start on some of the rams. I told him I can keep him in eggs and meat, but don’t have a damn bit of veggies since my garden spot is underwater. (D’OH!) So much for the fall garden. He told me that he’s been eating palmetto (the yummy heart-of-palm-like interior) for some time. How ’bout that! I asked him if he’d also been eating dollar weed, but he hadn’t. Well, then. Momma still can tell him something useful. We’re going to take the opportunity to use his help, unless he heads up north/out west to work again, to get some trees cut and maybe the roof reshingled. If it ever dries out around here, I’ll get him to redo the garden. He’ll have time, while he’s unemployed, to put in a good garden at his place. He’s much better with plants than I am. His garden is over at the ex-girlfriend’s place.

I wish I could say something positive that I’ve noticed about the economy, but I can’t. Looks like it’s in a nosedive to me. Talked to a lady I know working at a store today whose husband is out of work because their business failed, and they aren’t eligible for any kind of help. She doesn’t know how the bills are going to get paid on her job which isn’t much more than minimum wage.

Son is hesitant to leave the state to head west at the height of the hurricane season (grin), because things could change in an instant if one of those bad boys (or bad girls) traverses our state or one nearby. THAT could keep him working all winter.

Son wanted me to put the word out, such as it is, for people NOT to spend a lot of money on high-tuition-dollar welding schools at this time. You will not only not have a job when you get out, you’ll have high student loan bills to pay, too. There are master welders (and electricians, and plumbers) clerking at hardware stores. That is something that they never tell you in those ads for high-paying welding jobs.


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    You still have that info I sent through Pixie’s Grandma?

  2. 2

    swampie said,

    Yep, I NEVER clean out my mailbox! He doesn’t want to go too far away from his 7-year-old daughter if he can help it. He might not be able to help it, though! He LOVED Arizona as much as I did when we lived out there; he’d love the Mojave desert, too, no doubt.

  3. 3

    JenDaisy said,

    If he didn’t have bad luck; he’d have no luck at at all. Luckily hubby got an extension of unemployment benefits that will last us through Christmas, maybe January…after that…who knows. But hey- we will prob make it like we always do…barely. The bad thing is we are hoping his unit will still be slotted to leave to Iraq next yr so we will have some income + saving if…errr… I mean when he gets back. It will be a good paying job for a yr…more than we have made the last 3-5 yrs….though I know the boys and baby will prob be missing daddy. And I will have to be the one maintaining the cars/house/lawn/ etc on top of working full time and with 3 kids to care for; luckily baby will be 6 mths old before he leaves…and 3 cats, gerbil, and the “chickenwawa”. :::ughh::: I guess it’s better than living in the streets. HEY! maybe with him gone we can afford cable and internet!!! WOW!!! But first we will have to buy a new computer…and….etc, etc.

  4. 4

    swampie said,

    You will be okay. Heh. We’ve always got your old room here, if I clear my craft stuff and clothes out! Besides, you know your daddy ain’t gonna be happy if you live over there in eeeeeeeeevil Jacksonville by yourself with his grandbabies.

  5. 5

    kcduffy said,

    If I may, Swampie? There are some military wives who make it sound as if the world ends when hubby goes off to War. Don’t get me wrong, it IS more difficult without the other half. But my family bloodlines run through women who did what needed to be done IN MONTANA WINTERS, with no running water and no electric and only coal or wood or cow patties for heat. Whenever I thought Life was going to overwhelm me, I thought of them.

    I knew women – and a couple men – who did Navy/Marine Life with LOTS more kids than me, with physical hardships, with full-time jobs, and with no family help at all (we didn’t have phone calls and emails, either, till 1996-2000, depending on deployment site). It takes being organized and frugal (KEEP it Simple), but it can be done and done WELL. We all missed Daddy, but we didn’t let it rule our lives. We couldn’t. Does it help to say that a good attitude is the greatest asset a Military Family can have? With Commissary shopping a VERY close second. If there’s anything I can do, except for offering such platitudes as this, please don’t hesitate to call.

  6. 6

    swampie said,

    Heh. No, she was happy when hubby was in the Navy and went on a cruise (so she could see all her girlfriends!) and *very* unhappy when he decided not to reenlist without consulting her. Part of the problem, too, (IMO) is that hubby is in the (Army) National Guard now. When he was in the Navy, she had Navy spouse friends. Now that he is in the NG with people from his unit scattered all over the place, she doesn’t know anybody.

    She is extremely organized and will do just fine even if she gets no help from us at all! It is her Daddy that is throwing a fit about her living in Jacksonville (which he pronounces with the same distaste as he would, say, North Korea or Iran) with his glorious grandchildren. His precious little baby girl should not be there! Her pregnancy hormones are gettin’ her all anxious right now, too.

    It would be easier, however, if she lived with us because we could help with ferrying kids back and forth from day care and, if she gets stuck in traffic, she wouldn’t have to pay $20 per kid for every 5 minutes she’s late picking up the kids which will be at school/preschool/daycare. We would be here to pick them up after work. We wouldn’t make it in time to pick them up on the other side of J’ville.

    Probably the best of both worlds would be if she stayed with us during the school week and then went home with the kids on the weekend so they could have a little family time, but that’s just me.

    Besides, his deployment might be cancelled. You never know!

    • 7

      jendaisy said,


      I am not that anxious… I can deal with whatever. I am not that worried about it- it will just be a pain in the arse. But we will prob be headed that way during the school week- just to make things run a bit smoother. (Especially since one night I was stuck on the matthews bridge in the rain because of an accident and didn’t get to pick the kids up until after 7pm. Did I mention I don’t like heights…and the bridge sways slightly in heavy wind when there is a billion pounds of vehicles stuck on it.) Daycare and elementary school employees were not amused. Neither was I after I paid the bill.

      Though the cats can stay at the house- the dog will have to live with you part time! haha!!! I would be much easier if I didn’t have to work…and he told me I didn’t. But that will cut out the savings and paying off all the bills we can possibly pay off- which is sorta the point of him going out there. Soooo…. It will be fine. I also figure that the boys would be happy to run around your yard mainly unsupervised rather than in J-ville where I have to make sure they dont run out in the road/ get abducted…etc etc…and with the baby…I really will not want to watch them right when I get home for 2-3 hours. I would rather cook/ clean/ take a break with out worring that they will be roadkill.

  7. 8

    swampie said,

    Yeah, that whole bridge thing has me worried, too, with all of us on one side and the kids on the other side of the river. If I’m not working (with the schools) next year, it won’t really be a problem. At all.

  8. 9

    kcduffy said,

    I live on the ‘other side of Jacksonville.’ Right across the street from NAS. Better here than some of the areas I drove through today (while Duffy checked out a couple of the new routes he’ll be supervising buses for). They may be closer to you, and OP may not be all the OP’ers like to brag it is, but Hwy 17 at 295 is better than East Springfield, I think.

    I’m with SwampMan on this, in general, but I’m determined to not hate it, because that would be bad for my gut. And my soul.

  9. 10

    swampie said,

    She’s not in the O.P. area–she’s on the other side, east Arlington, off Atlantic.

  10. 11

    swampie said,

    I tell you what, there’s some nice houses in Springfield.

  11. 12

    kcduffy said,

    Oh, THAT ‘other side’ of Jax!There are some VERY nice houses in Springfield. The styles remind me of Home so much, I’d love t be able to live there. Not just neat little houses, but well-kept and obviously cared for . REAL nice. According to what I hear from people who get out more than I, middle of the day on Sunday is the proper time for me to be driving through.

    Had a bit of an anxious moment about pregnancy in this family…but not. Funny how perspective changes, and instead of scary, THAT becomes the thing you’d prefer because it’s the best alternative.

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