Unexpected Visitors

I had just gotten home from grocery shopping and hadn’t put the groceries away yet when SwampMan walked through the door. “Hey, since it’s payday, would you like to go out to eat instead of cooking tonight?” Well, actually, I had planned to throw some chicken thighs on the grill while I mowed the grass, but my arm could be twisted. Real easily. Like by a suggestion. I might have beat him to the truck.

The grass really needs mowing, though. I’m talking about having to cut a path to the driveway with a machete in a couple more days. I felt a tiny bit guilty about leaving the house in SUCH a mess (open house last night, then a couple hours spent shoveling out a chickenhouse, dishes all over the counter, undone, and ironing left on the ironing board). Mud on the porch. Puppy had gotten into the trashcan (again) and scattered cans all over the yard. My guilt was short lived, though. Who would come over on a weeknight when I’m running my ass off trying to get dinner for us and the livestock fed, and whatever few household chores I have time for before bed? *sigh* Church friends, that’s who. Two different groups.

We belong to a rather conservative religion where the wife is supposed to stay home and be the heart of the home, and the man provides. Well. I don’t like having to ask for stuff. Okay, maybe I demand, but I hate to ask for money, although husband says it’s “ours”. I feel like it is “his”. Anyway, when people walk in and he’s sitting around with the remote in his hand while I’m out hauling buckets around the pasture with the house a complete mess, whose fault is it? Yup. Mine.

I suppose I was rude because I took ’em to the house and let ’em talk to husband while I went back outside and continued with my feeding. I didn’t mean to be. I have about two hours of chores with the livestock/pets per night, and I keep forgetting to get a new flashlight to replace the ones that 3-year-old grandson dismantled and “rebuilt” for me. It would really ruin my evening to step on a water moccasin or eastern diamondback rattler that was unseen in the dusk.


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    kcduffy said,

    Why would good people, who you KNOW have been taught manners, insist on showing up unannounced? No call, no warning? Man, they get what they get if that’s what they do.

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