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I Was Right About the Phone Call….

I spoke to my aunt last night. My younger caregiver cousin was holding it all together, but was frightened that her mother was deteriorating so fast upon returning home from the hospital. I talked to my older male cousin about coming this weekend. He told me that he thought the weekend would be too late. Dang. My cousin reported that my aunt was using her accessory muscles to breathe and had stopped eating and drinking, never a good sign. She was also very anxious because she didn’t really know how to be a caregiver to a woman that was suffering from pneumonia and newly diagnosed possible lung cancer. I spoke to my aunt briefly. She could only breathe “hello” into the phone because she was so weak.

I got the call this evening from my mother, like I had expected, that my aunt had died during the night. My cousin is, of course, devastated. My mom didn’t think that I needed to know before I went to work this morning, even though I would have had to arrange days off TODAY if I wanted to make it to the funeral. Mom told me that she had arranged for flowers to be sent to the funeral home for me.

“Thanks! Where is it, and when’s the funeral?”

“I don’t remember the name of the funeral home now, and I’m not sure when the funeral is. The memorial service is Thursday, I think, at her church. Or is it Friday at the funeral home?”


I’ve got the house phone number for my aunt and cousins. The aunt is deceased; the cousins are not home. I don’t have their cell phone numbers! So, my aunt’s memorial service may or may not be Thursday at an unknown location, the funeral Friday in an unknown location, or maybe both at the same location, and if I were going to get there in time, I should be packed and leaving early in the a.m.

But, I have to be at work early in the a.m.


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Tuesday Music Video–Just Waiting For Friday!

Haven’t posted an ASL video for awhile….I was reminded of this when I was signing for a student to wait patiently. I believe I was actually signing “fire, patient”. D’OH! I suck at signing.

I do “crazy” with rolling eyes, tongue out, and big cirles around my head, not the clawed hands.

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