Animal Control Is Somewhat Overcrowded Now…

Lots of people are turning in their dogs and cats to Animal Control. They are getting evicted because they can’t pay the rent or payment, and/or can’t come up with the pet deposit for an apartment. For those long-term unemployed, the price of the pet food is something that they increasingly cannot cover. There are many wonderful household pets, although they may be somewhat unprepossessing looking to others.

Unfortunately, common-appearing pets (your garden variety mutt mix, for example) are going to be placed in a temporary holding kennel and euthanized as soon as the owner who is surrendering them leaves the building, if not before. The sad reality is that there are far, far too many dogs and cats being turned in and if they are older pets, have any medical problems whatsoever, or aren’t purebred, they’re going to be put down. There are lots more people surrendering animals than there are people adopting, and the budget isn’t there for supporting animals long term.

Cats, and particularly kittens, are extremely susceptible to upper respiratory infections in a crowded environment. A pregnant cat or a mother cat with nursing kittens turned in to animal control will be euthanized. Even ordinary-looking weaned kittens are usually euthanized because there are plenty of fancy cats and kittens for adoption.

If you are thinking of getting a dog or cat, go to Animal Control. The prices are waaay more reasonable than the Humane Society. Our German Shepherd is smart, a great family dog, and a great guard dog. He’s from Animal Control.

Who knows, you might be able to save a great dog or cat from euthanasia.

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