Pretty Cute Trick To Keep Inflation Artificially Low

I think it’s really cute (ha ha!) that the CPI (consumer price index) doesn’t include food and energy costs, things that we HAVE to purchase. After buying one weeks’ worth of feed for the livestock, and purchasing two weeks’ worth of lunch at school (price up again this year because food costs are higher), I went to the grocery store to buy a few items. Four containers of yogurt (store brand, cheap). Twenty pounds of dog food (not a premium brand). Twelve cans of food for the old dog who has trouble chewing (again, not a premium brand). Canned cat food for old momma kitty (12 cans) as well as a small 3 lb. bag of kitty kibble. One large frozen entre (less than $10) for our dinner because I did NOT feel like hacking and coughing into ingredients. Three cans of soup. Laundry detergent. Carnation Instant Breakfast for the vitamins and extra calcium, and I stir the Osteo Bi-Flex NutraJoint into it. Ten pounds of sugar because my canisters were empty. Crackers for the soup. A loaf of bread. That came to $89.13.

To say I was stunned puts it mildly. How could this be? I used coupons. I only purchased sales items and store brands. Sigh.

Once I fill up my tank for Monday and pay my auto insurance, I will be broke with over a week and a half until payday. Yeah, that bigass increase in insurance premiums is a BITCH! At least when I opened my pay stub, I didn’t spontaneously utter “You’ve got to be fucking KIDDING me!” like one of the younger, less stoic colleagues, but I was thinking it really, REALLY loudly!

So, tell me once again, Obama and congressional stooges, how well we’re doing out here in the economy. I do not know how my unmarried colleagues with children are coping. Well (grin), I suppose the lack of purchasing livestock feed might help, but the electric bill would more than make up for THAT. Thank you, idiot governor Crist who can’t be kicked to the curb fast enough to suit me, for making electrical costs unaffordable through your stupid, ill-conceived “green” program for electrical companies. Yeah, denying permits to build power plants for generating cheap electricity is working out real well for us. Forcing electrical companies into building experimental technologies that DO NOT WORK at a MUCH higher cost for electricity generated was particularly inspiring. Don’t think we haven’t noticed, you piece of shit. Not that I’m bitter or anything. Oh, wait. I am!

So, yeah, I suppose I AM mad as hell. Obama wants to increase our taxes while our purchasing power is declining precipitously, and we’re supposed to believe that our government is doing us a favor by lying through their collective teeth about inflation. Assholes.

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