There Are People Who Should Not Be Left Without Adult Supervision….

People that are ill. People that are feeling depressed. People that are feeling like middle age has kicked their ass. People who were not able to get an appointment with their hairdresser for another two weeks and decide that their hair looks like a dog’s butt NOW. In a word, ME.

What to do, what to do. I found some hair color that my daughter (?) had left in the cabinet. Hmmmmm. It is semi-permanent, so it wears out. What could go wrong? I could use a change from dark and white stripes. I have a pair of scissors, too. Snip. Snip.

When I mixed the dye and put it on my hair, it was somewhere between a cobalt blue and purple in color. Hunh? I don’t think that work even allows cobalt blue hair. Whatever. I figured that through the miracle of chemistry, everything would turn out okay, but my hairdresser might have to hang a big sign in the window that says “I DIDN’T DO IT!” if she wanted to keep her customers.

Well. My hair still looks like a dog’s butt only a little less shaggy. A groomed dog’s butt! It is also still salt and pepper. However, the salt stripes are red. No, orange. Really, REALLY orange. Gator orange!

That’s really gonna clash with my Georgia Bulldogs t-shirt.

I think I need to be working outside until after dark. Maybe SwampMan won’t notice. No, I’m going to go into town and pay my car insurance first, THEN come home and work outside until dark.


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  1. 1

    JenDaisy said,

    Since I havent lived at home for 8 yrs…did you check the expiration date on that color?? HAHAHAHAHAAaaaaa!!! I would have at least purchased some new color that hadn’t expired 6+ yrs ago.

  2. 2

    SwampWoman said,

    They have expiration dates? Uh, noooooo, I never looked! I thought it was some you left here when you were thinking about redoing your hair last time your ol’ man was off training last year?

  3. 3

    kae said,

    Expiry date – you’re lucky your hair didn’t all fall out!

  4. 4

    SwampWoman said,

    Ha! I checked it. It only expired two years ago. Expiration dates, like instructions, are for those that are cautious.

    • 5

      kcduffy said,

      Usually OVERLY cautious, Swampy. Remember, it’s a Government-bureaucracy-run idea so there’s really very little sense and nearly no science involved in those dates.

      This has to be my favorite post of the week, though, thank you for making a dull day more fun!

  5. 7

    SwampWoman said,

    I like short hair! I’m growing mine longer in preparation for the winter. I hate cold ears!

    Yeah, I have scarves. Somewhere. When I’m running through the house in the early a.m. screaming about “late” and “keys!”, I never seem to find where the scarf is located, even if it’s bright red and hanging over the doorknob.

    There is NO WAY that anybody other than my poor coworkers is EVER going to get to see my bright orange Ronald McDonald striped hair.

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