I’m Kinda Busy Right Now….

I have a chicken house with newly-hatched lil’ peeps inside, and danged if I didn’t walk out Saturday and leave the chick starter at the feed store. Luckily, I have some greens going bad in the fridge and a search of the garbage can revealed maggots growing in the liquid left in the bottom of some of the cat food cans. Woohoooo! Chick starter!

I’d like to move the chicks out into a temporary pen where they’ll be safe from being stepped on, eaten by snakes, rats, or picked to death by non-maternal chickens, but it is supposed to rain. It’s getting black out there. *sigh* Those temporary pens sit right on the ground and, in a deluge, the chicks could drown.

In the meantime, I really need to exercise. Maybe somebody out there can do it for me (grin).

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    kcduffy said,

    Duffy and I went to Target today. I want a thing to put his magazines, books & newspapers in next to his chair, so they’re not spread all over the damn floor for me to either pick up, restack, or slip on. You know, a MAGAZINE rack. He wanted to get a yoga mat. Yes, that is what I said. He has a yoga session at the base fitness centre on Wednesdays. He sez it’s not yoga, it’s Pilates, which he describes as yoga at aerobic pace. But he enjoys it, and he wants his own mat to sweat on. As we went in the store, he joked that after we find the magazine rack, we needed to locate the yoga section. Surely that’s a law for Target, to have a yoga section.

    Sure enough, an entire aisle of such crap as yoga blocks, yoga wristbands, and – yes, reallly – yoga GLOVES. I kinda get why you might want socks (but not at twenty bucks) but gloves? Got his mat – a lovely Gator blue – and pondered a mat strap, which can be used as a yoga strap or a weapon I guess. The crap people will buy never really ceases to amaze me.

    Saw the video your clip may be from. Came home and washed dishes, my favorite form of exercise. Then had a steak dinner.

    Oh, yeah, I got a really nice desk calendar. Much more useful for me than yoga gloves, I think.

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    swampie said,

    Heh. We had one. A magazine rack, that is. It was really cool and HUGE, the kind that you see in doctor’s offices. Daughter took it with her when she got married. I got it at a yard sale for a couple bucks. I haven’t been able to find one to suit me since.

    I’ve got a yoga mat somewhere. Red. Or, at least I used to have one. Haven’t seen it for awhile. I used to be more into exercise. Or maybe I just had more energy.

    Yoga socks? Huh. Makes sense once I think about it. You supposed to do it barefoot, but who would want to pick up somebody else’s toe fungus? Could be worse. Could need yoga toes.

    If you saw the video my clip came from, maybe I need to go to Target and pick it up. I’ll be danged if I can wave my leg around, jump up, look at the computer, lay back down, and wave it around some more.

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