It’s Been An Eventful Week So Far

Daughter found out that they’re having a daughter this time. After two sons, she’s ready for the peace and quiet. BWAHAHAHAHA! I mean, yeah, sure, girls are all sweetness and light and quiet and never, EVER talk back and argue with their momma and kick their brothers. Nope, nope, nope. Hope the sonogram is correct because Mommy and MeeMaw are out going crazy buying little girl clothes.

She called tonight and said that Dylan needs a paddle for Christmas. I think that means that Mommy needs a paddle for Christmas. Dylan is the one to the left. I think she may be right.

Son was driving at night, hit a jagged piece of metal in the road that he didn’t see until too late, and blew out the front and rear tires on one side of his truck. The back end of the truck slung around, and he ended up in the ditch. He spent $300 on towing, and still needed to get two new tires and a radiator. I haven’t heard if his truck is gonna be ready to head up into north Georgia for some work to take him through the winter or not. I hope so, since he’s supposed to leave this weekend!

Jacob (to the right) is a Cub Scout now. SwampMan used to be a Scoutmaster. I asked him if he remembered anything useful from his Scoutmaster days. Mostly what he remembered was being eat up by mosquitoes on camping trips, and the scouts overturning the canoe (with him in it) several times in the St. Mary’s river.

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    […] …for little girls! And congratulations to SwampWoman at A1A South, who is going to be Grandma to another little bundle, this time a GIRL! What fun for the whole […]

  2. 2

    kcduffy said,

    Congratulations to the whole famdamly, Swampie! WooHOO!!!

    That overturning thing doesn’t happen with my sit-on-top kayak. It’s why I have one.

  3. 4

    bonz said,

    Sugar and spice and everything nice. Tell them they’d better start saving the elopement cash now. Much cheaper than a wedding. 😉

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