Thinking Dark Thoughts Here….

The same dark thoughts that I’ve been thinking for some time as more and more freedoms are truncated. The same dark thoughts that I know others are thinking. At what point do we overthrow the government to protect the Constitution?

The government is writing checks that they are expecting us to cover for programs that are very, very bad for us and that we have stated repeatedly that we do not want. They need to go. Now.


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    Croc Hunter said,

    That is the million $$$$?
    I also see very dark times ahead and I pray that the overthrow will begin on November 4 2010 in the ballots across this great nation. If it don’t the unthinkable and unsaid won’t be to far in the future.


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      swampie said,

      What should be scaring the shit out of the government (but which they seem to have no clue about) is that if a 50-year-old pillar of the community, church-going Grandma is discussing an involuntary removal from power of the present representives of Federal government with her granny friends, what are the younger, fitter, more unemployed folks discussing?

      The government can relax for the moment, though. I’m busy with family obligations at least through Christmas.

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