For a Little While Today, I Felt Alive Again

I gave a demonstration today for another class about one of my hobbies. While I would love to share my hobby with my class, I can’t. They could not understand the concept, or be able to participate in practicing.

It took me quite awhile to prepare the materials. I was up past midnight every night for a couple of weeks. You can probably deduce that my hobby is a time-consuming hobby and time isn’t something that I have in abundance, so I didn’t have anything prepared ahead of time. I didn’t bother preparing any remarks or writing a lesson because there was no need.

For a short hour, I was able to lose myself in the sheer enjoyment of sharing my hobby with an enthusiastic group of youngsters. As usual, I was a little overprepared with materials. Then I packed up and went back to the prison of the classroom.

I wonder. Will I remember the feeling of freedom, the joy, the sheer exuberance of doing what I love (if only for a brief time) by tomorrow morning, or will I lapse back into somnolence?


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    kcduffy said,

    Your hobby is not ironing?

    I know, I don’t remember well – but if I took the time to read back through your posts, I’d see what your hobby is. I don’t have the time for that right now.

    If Kaylee ever goes to school, I may take up a new hobby (I want to make a t-shirt quilt). Never had real hobbies before, except reading, embroidery for awhile. Trying to squeeze a little “hobby” money out of my grocery allowance means I might not eat as much so maybe I’ll just make eating my hobby! When I did have my own money, I didn’t have the time or energy. Time and energy are necessary components to any hobby, and they are not in surplus these days.


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    kae said,

    I. Do. Not. Iron.
    Everything I own is drip-dry (or I make it drip-dry).
    Ok, there are one or two things which need ironing, good clothes, but I don’t iron every-day wear.
    Two rules my Mum taught me about clothes which have stood me in good stead:

    1. No matter how cheap it is, if it says “Do not tumble dry”, or “Dry-clean only”, it’s NOT a bargain.

    2. For work buy non-iron stuff. Who wants to be a slave to the ironing board every week.

    I suppose it’s difficult when you must iron for someone else. I never ironed the ex’s uniforms for him. We agreed that I wouldn’t do as good a job as him (I did use the male ploy* of not doing a proper job in the first place to disqualify myself from that chore, besides, they were HIS uniforms, and I’d ironed my own for the period I was in the ARES). He used way too much spray starch which he sprayed all over the tiled floor making it slippery.

    *He certainly used that ploy more than once! He washed my clothes, my undies, with his cloth hankies… he didn’t soak his hankies in brine… YUK! There were a couple of other things he did…

  3. 3

    kae said,

    Oh, and about the hobby, I’ll be that hour passed quickly!

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