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Scott Kilgore Still Loose

From News4Jax:

Police asked that parents to drive their children to school if they can Thursday morning, and if they can’t, then call the non-emergency police numbers, and their children will be picked up by officers.

“We do not want a child walking to a school bus stop in the morning and there be any chance of anything happening out of the ordinary,” Mackesy said. “We don’t think that there is any danger at this point, other than the fact that we do have an armed murder suspect loose in that perimeter.

Heh. Well, other than that, of course.

Seriously, this is an extremely dangerous situation. No school buses in the area will be running this morning. This man armed with a shotgun has approached a man woman taking his her children to school and was driven off when the dad mom produced his her handgun. He’s going to be looking for a way out. Be wary and armed.

Update: He’s dead.


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Heavy Men, Thinner Women Get Paid More

According to News4Jax and University of Florida, a LOT more. The pay disparity between men is @ $9,000 more per year in favor of the heavier man. Extremely obese men, however, have lower salaries. The pay disparity between women is $16,000 per year in favor of the thinner woman.

Hmmmmm. I think larger ladies may need to shop here.

I’m not sure if a woman is going to be able to run, lift bales of hay, or pick up small children in such a device but, for $16,000 a year, it might be worth checking out. Besides, if you’re cinched up tightly in one of those thangs, you’re bound to lose weight! There’d be no room for lunch!

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