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Northeast Florida Fair

I went to the Northeast Florida Fair yesterday with the two grandsons and their Mommy and gestating little sister. I wanted the granddaughter to go, too, but I forgot that she would be visiting dolphins this weekend. D’OH!

Saturday was $10 armband day from noon until 5 p.m. in which the kiddies got to go on unlimited rides and attractions (that they were big enough to go on or through by themselves). Jacob was supposed to go on a Cub Scout hike later in the day; Mommy was VERY relieved that he was having so much fun that he didn’t want to leave the fair to go back to Jacksonville for the hike. Mommy would have had to hike, too, along with 3-year-old Dylan and, if Dylan got tired, Mommy would have had to carry him on the hike. Daddy is supposed to be the Hiking Partner but he was off doing Army Stuff this weekend.

The weather was perfect with a clear blue sky, fresh breeze, and temperature in the 70s. We looked at all the chickens, turkeys, and ducks. We looked at the dairy goats (because Meemaw is thinking about getting either a couple dairy goats or a Jersey cow) and watched part of a dairy goat show. We looked at the big beef cattle. We looked at the hogs. We looked at the horses. We looked at (and petted) some of the animals in the petting zoo, the miniature horses, various sheep, the llamas, and the little donkey.

Then the grandsons climbed, bounced, went on big slides, rode the carousel, and rode every ride multiple times. Mommy ended up buying $20 worth of snacks. Meemaw bought another $10 worth. The 3-year-old grandson was a little too small for some rides that he ended up on, but he grinned his devilish grin at the people manning the rides, announced “I’m going with my brudder!” or followed an adult and their kid into their ride while Mommy and I were yelling “NO! GET BACK HERE!” from behind the gate and grinned triumphantly back at us as he was strapped in. He got in trouble for that one! He’s so darn cute that most of the adults just aided and abetted him.

The admittance fee to the fair was $5 for adults, $3 for kids aged 6 and above, and free for those below 6. I have to say that we more than got our money’s worth.


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