Waiting for Feed

I ended up feeding after dark again (damnit, there’s not enough daylight!) While carrying the feed out to the lamb barn, one of the roosters sleeping on the fence complained grumpily. I turned to look, and a rat was running along the top of the fence, following me out to the barn. While I watched, he ran past me and disappeared into the barn. Hunh. I put my hand out to grab the top of the fence post so I could climb over the fence (shortcut) then stopped. There was another juvenile rat sitting on top of the fence post watching me. He hadn’t moved even though I had nearly put my hand on top of him! Once he, too, was satisfied that the feed was on the way, he ran into the barn as well.

*sigh* The squirrels come running when I feed in the daylight. Dang. Rodents are my friends.

SwampMan suggested that I download and print information about cleaning and eating rats since I have so many of them following me around (and I don’t even have a flute!) and am interested in emergency preparations. Hmmmmm. Would it be very different than cleaning and eating rabbits or squirrels?

They’re not the only critters showing up at my house uninvited. For several days, a whole flock of buzzards has been showing up hopefully looking for something that died. When daughter was here last weekend, hundreds were lined up on top of the barns and in the trees. She was a little creeped out.


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    kcduffy said,

    Squirrels aren’t much different than rats. Or rabbits, I guess, but I have more experience with squirrels. I’ve helped clean and cook squirrel. Tried to eat a small bit…couldn’t. I’d rather not, it really was Last Resort time back then…I stuck with bread and butter for a few days, then benefited from a Charity at a town we’d made it to. Thank you, God.

    On one of the first episodes of Good Eats I ever saw, Alton Brown referred to squirrels as nut-stealing tree rats. Tells me all I need to know about eating any of them…I might have to shoot pigeons instead.

    I don’t blame your daughter. Flocks of migrating birds are one thing…hundreds of buzzards is a whole nuther thing. Creepy, indeed!

  2. 2

    vicky said,

    @kcduffy eating squirrels . that is inhuman man. how much meat would you get off it.??

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